Moon Time


It’s only a coincidence that I’m currently on my cycle writing this! Another frequent question that I’ve received since writing the hormone piece is, “what do you use when you’re on your period?”

Again, possibly embarrassing but I actually find a lot of confidence In my personal method. Let’s start at the beginning. Oddly enough, my mother and her mother were really natural when it came to cycles. “You’re detoxing monthly. That stuff needs to come out. Sticking something up there to block that from happening doesn’t make any sense. It has to be bad for you.”

Of course as a rebellious teen in high school, I thought they were absurd. I wore incredibly toxic tampons just like the rest of the teenage girls I knew. I bought based on marketing, so whatever seemed hip and chic.

Then a shift came around twenty-five. Intuitively. I was very natural in all other aspects of my life by that point. I’d say 80:20 percent. As a Capricorn moon, I only wear black undergarments. It’s the weirdest thing. But aside from the handful of nude undergarments for necessity when wearing white, it’s all black. One day, I intuitively thought, ‘I’m not going to use anything anymore. It’s dreadful for the environment using pads. They are lumpy and gross. I’m done with tampons, and I have enough black panties to fill two drawers, so I’m going to simply change them every couple of hours throughout the day.’

And that’s what I’ve done for years. Sort of like babies with cloth diapers (insert embarrassing emoji face here). It’s interesting how often this convo comes up in wellness settings, and it never fails to surprise me that a lot of the other hyper natural chicks do the same. We just sort of arrived there individually one day.

As a caveat to this, my cycle is quite light to medium. Day two and three are the heaviest. I occasionally use panty liners then. Otherwise, It’s just black panties with dark bottoms to my outfit.

I do know of the period panties that hit the scene a few years ago, and they seem quite brilliant. It’s on my list to give them a try!

And like most advice that grandmothers and mothers give, I found my way into listening to theirs later on. I never ever block the flow of this natural process with tampons. The only thing that I occasionally have used organic tampons is to heal a yeast infection with lavender essential oil (which works much better than the garlic method). It also burns less and smells floral.

But this is a very personal choice. I think listen your own personal body, and literally go with your own personal flow. Tampons, pads, period panties, or nothing at all - it’s all right and we must support one another.

Honestly, during this time, I'm far more concerned about going inward, not killing anyone, directing this sacred (INTENSE) energy somewhere - much more than I'm concerned with where the blood goes, how, and why. 

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