Native Week No. 17


A little New Moon In Libra insight for you. 

Used this frequency last night to ground after my car accident yesterday that quite possibly totaled my car, which feels rather divine as I've been manifesting a new one (as many of you know). 

I've really turned up the volume on beeswax candles in honor of these fall evenings. These are the ones I've been burning. I also only use these for bday candles. 

Did everyone know that you can pre-order the Moon Juice Cookbook? Literally on the edge of my seat for mine to arrive.  

A client of mine heads-up this incredibly inspiring non-profit farm that grows fresh produce for a local homeless shelter as a means of healing. I encourage everyone to check it out. Especially if you've been looking for somewhere to donate before the end of the year. Or around the holidays. So impressed. 

Yes to tantric healing!

Earlier this year, I was really scoping out these pants. But I couldn't bring myself to shell out THAT much cash on them, because I knew The Universe would bring them to me for a more comfortable price. Last week, I snagged them for half the price at her sample sale. Thank you Universe. 

Last weekend at Katey Denno's workshop, I learned that this is basically the best natural foundation. The other attendees confirmed. 

Next book on my list. 

LOVING this article.

For ramen lovers out there, this spot has gluten-free noodle options. 

Really channeling this vibe as I gear up to start designing our guest bedroom. Also this. And this

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips