NATIVE week No. 15


I wore these shoes all last week and weekend, which you probably saw on my Instagram Video stories. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! They are walking me right through the threshold of fall equinox and all over NYC the next two weeks. 

P.S. Has everyone checked out Fields Of Study in LA??? (Enter "emoji with heart eyes" here)

Thank heavens

My car has about had it. Seriously considering this eco guy since the new Prius looks extra spaceship-y. What do you guys think? Ah, big decisions!

Made the most extraordinary paleo cake last weekend by baking this (I added 2 tbls of poppy seeds), and made this glaze to go over it. Then I simply decorated it with seasonal fall flowers. 

Last week, I NEEDED fall dresses. I looked high and low to all my local companies, eco companies, and beyond to no avail. Then I stumbled and bought this and this in a pinch, which I've loved. Progress, not perfection - I guess. 

These two.

Whoa to this recipe

Has anyone checked this spot out in LA? I haven't been. 

Oogling this fun read. But this is next on my list. 

On that note, I've been burning quite a bit a sweetgrass as it's the perfect fall smoke to bring about good energy and positive shifts (where palo santo removes negative). I've also been wearing it as oil. What a difference it makes. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips