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Must I repeat any sort of intro for Guru Jagat? I think not with my community. She is my ultimate source for Kundalini, spiritual and astrological insight, feminism, and conspiracies (of course). The real talking point today is her INCREDIBLE new book, Invincible Living: The Power of Yoga, And Other Tools For A Radiant Life. My new favorite coffee table essential! If you’re anything like me, and don’t always have 90 minutes a day to tune into a full practice with her on RA MA TV, this is the perfect tool. I simply flip it open and pick out the meditation I’m in need of that day. Not only that, but it’s chock-full of Ayurvedic tips & beauty secrets, diet, sexual insight, natural remedies, and so much more! I’ll let GJ get into it from here.


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Kundalini is quite accessible.  The word refers to the unlimited potential within.  Kundalini yoga activates and delivers that potential in a real results kind of way. My mission is to demystify this technology for the Every Person. There is literally something for everyone in the vast array of Kundalini Technologies given by Yogi Bhajan as his gift to his Teachers and humanity.  


I made it like a hybrid between a graphic novel, punk Zine, DYI 70’s cookbook, and Kinfolk.  Open it up, find and choose your own adventure for the day, read it cover to cover, look at the pictures, try a practice, rip out a page and give it to a friend.  It’s about the visceral and real experience.  My intention is for everyone to try something for a couple minutes a day and watch how amazing and quickly it changes your life. 


Addiction Meditation

Get unhooked from your negative impulses, thoughts, and habit forms.  3 minutes a day will change your life.


NOTE : This exercise is also called the Addiction Meditation.

POSTURE : Sit in easy pose. With both hands, curl your fingers into the pads of your hands—not into fists - just down so that the fingertips are resting right on top of the pads at the base of each finger. Leave your thumbs extended, and place them on your temples.

BREATH AND MANTRA: Breathe normally in and out. Mentally repeat the sounds Sa-Ta- Na-Ma. On each sound, press your back molars together. You should feel something move underneath your thumbs. Keep going.

TIME : 3 to 11 minutes

TO END: Inhale, focus on the center of the forehead through closed eyes, set the frequency, exhale, and relax


YOGI TEA. The Yogi Tea recipe is simple. Simmer ginger, cardamomcinnamon, clove, and black pepper till potent.  DRINK LOTS THROUGHOUT THE DAY TO CHANGE YOUR DIGESTION and clean your blood.  Clean blood is a major yogic beauty secret. 

Do not eat after the sun goes down for optimal weight management and loss. Check out the green diet in Invincible Living!


No matter what is happening in the elite crumbling power structures, the majority of this planet wants healthy communities, economies, education, and peaceful environments for themselves and their towns and countries.  Therefore the Military Industrial Complex is a machine that only a small amount of people on the planet who benefit from it are interested in continuing that type of violent, short-sided and greedy motivation for government and corporate policy.  This time we are coming into, on the planet, is one that the majority of human goodness and generosity will overrule the minority and all of society and civilization will change.  It has to, and each of our decisions, self-awareness, thoughts, actions, and economic choices are a major part of this shift.  Keep your head up, keep your mind clear with some sort of meditative practice, keep your body strong, your heart wide, and be more creative than you ever have been.  Creativity is the most powerful SOURCE in the Universe. 




MEDITATIONS ON FIRE. Aka: staring into my fireplace.




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