NATIVE Week No. 30


This CBD oil has gone into ever tonic this week to quell my pms driven anxiety. OBSESSED with its quality and Ayurvedic formula. God sent!

I've also been cutting some of the anxiety with this old staple in the evenings, along with this all over my body. Traveling always throws off my hormones. 

How to quit your job and do that thing that you love. 

My daily uniform has consisted of: vintage crew sweater | vintage 501's | these shoes | this hat | vintage wool coat.

Next on my reading list. 

Bell wind-chimes.

I'm a complete toddler for my favorite snack lately is almond butter smeared on a banana. When I really want to party, I add coconut oil and hemp seeds.

Watching this, this weekend.

My January lip. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips