Winter Skin Regime


I have my skin routine on lock right now. After cycling through a few different regimes, these are my perfect winter staples.

CLEANSER | Heart of Gold's Coconut Melt Cleanser. It’s the perfect balance for an oil coconut cleanser in the sense that it cleans all debris, melts instantly, distributes perfectly, and rinses well, leaving no oiliness behind.

HYRDOSOL | Evan Healy Rose Geranium has been my go-to hydrosol since day one. I’ve found nothing else to hydrate as well. I spray it directly after cleansing.

BALM | Heart Of Gold’s Sacred Spring. This has become my FAVORITE winter balm. I try a lot of them and this one truly nourishes my dry skin. This is all I apply during the day (in way of moisture), after I apply the Hydrosol.

SPF | My staple SPF has been John Masters for two years now. It doesn’t leave me pasty, it distributes well, and has been very protective against the LA sun. (I also wear hats to protect from the harsh sun). But I’ve been trying a prototype of Heart Of Gold’s spf and I’m hyper stoked on it. CAN’T wait until it hits the shelves.

EXFOLIANT | Heart of Gold’s Rice Bran & Rhassoul gommage is the most gentle and amazing herbal take on the vintage French traditional exfoliate. It’s also the only exfoliate I’ve tried that doesn’t leave my skin stripped from moisture. Quite the opposite. It holds moisture in and promotes circulation, bringing blood flow to my face. I’d have to say that this is my favorite product of all at the moment. I use it twice weekly.

MASK | Nucifera is my go-to mask. Weekly, I apply it after cleansing, and then I hop into a very warm Epsom salt bath. During the 20 minutes that I soak, in combination with the steam, it manages to decongest every single pore in my face. I also use this as an antibacterial for sexy time, and at the tips of my hair when it’s dry.

COLD SHOWER | I’ve tried the Ayurvedic cold shower off and on for years. But I have a new commitment to it since Guru Jagat’s book Invincible Living. This is the shower I practice for its daily detoxifying and endocrine balancing properties.

BODY | I’m still with the two staples I’ve used for two years, Sun Potion’s Shea Butter combined with Jiva-Apoha’s 1967. I warm up both in my hands, together, and then apply to damp skin. 

Photo | Juliette Favat

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