Dissolving Old Intentions • Consciousness

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In tandem with clarity, it is very important that all of your current and past intentions are clear when it comes to Manifestation. If you’ve recently found clarity, and are going to begin manifesting a new subject, it’s important to communicate to The Universe that you no longer desire the other intentions that might conflict with the current one. This will release any gray, wishy-washy energy so that The Universe can focus on the subject(s) you are clear on.

Example: I had a client that had seen an intuitive months ago, and he had given my client a dreadful reading, completely off-base, and planted a lot of false beliefs in her that were entirely false. He suggested that she would completely change careers from the one that she is in now, which brings her a lot of joy. And that she wasn’t called to do the line of work she’s doing though she really followed her flow and listened to The Universe. Fast forward to six months later when everything else he said hasn't come true, and her momentum of manifestation had come to a halt - we had to have a session.

This is a big reason why I caution clients to not speak with psychics unless it’s someone that has been incredibly accurate for them for years. I myself am very careful, for false or limiting beliefs can get planted and really take us off track.

I explained to her that all the subjects she had had on her list now had competing beliefs, therefore she's communicating a lot of gray, competing, wish-washy information to The Universe, so nothing is flowing in. I made her consciously dissolve those alternative beliefs and continue to do so when they pop up (until her subconscious fully lets them go). You can learn this reprogram process in The F&M Workshop

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