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I can honestly, and wholeheartedly, say that Sarah Britton was the reason why I started FREE + NATIVE. After quitting my incredibly toxic job, I asked The Universe to show me what to do next as my passion had always been in the holistic realm. Three different people asked if I had checked out the blog My New Roots. I took that as a sign, checked it out, and instantly fell in love with Sarah’s soft, loving, and humble beauty that seeped out of her words. And though, mine wouldn’t be food forward, it was because of her graceful vibrancy that I found the courage to put my thoughts and vision on the web.

Fast forward to three years later, I am beyond honored to have her on this space introducing her newest creative endeavor, Gourmet Print Shop, which is a collection of her stunning photography. I mean, have you all seen the groovy Beet Crystals? Mesmerizing, I know! Or maybe it's the abstract chocolate drops that compliment any room in any space. Here’s to Sarah, shaping the way we view and interact with food as art. 


I’m a Libra, and I ask everyone I know too.


My whole journey into the “wellness field” started when I went to work on an organic farm in Arizona. At the time I was vegetarian (re: bread-a-tarian) and had not yet experienced how deeply food could impact one’s health. After two weeks, I was convinced - so much so, that my next move was to go back to school to study Holistic Nutrition in Toronto. Inspired by everything I had learned and motivated to spread the word, I started a blog, My New Roots, to teach and inspire others to take control of their health through diet and lifestyle. The blog grew very slowly at first, but after taking jobs in professional kitchens, my recipes improved and so did my readership! Eventually, I started teaching cooking classes, holding lectures, landing a cookbook contract, developing a mobile app, and now a print shop for my photography! 


The Gourmet Print Shop is an extension of my love for food; and another way to call people to the church of nature! Haha… Over the years I’ve learned that the closer we can get to food, the more we appreciate it for its beauty, its nourishment, seeing it for the gift it truly is, therefore we begin to see parallels between food and ourselves, plants and our own bodies. Then we cannot help but see ourselves as part of the larger living organism that is earth, and how living in connectedness to nature is so important. 

And, um, having pretty things to put on your walls is fun ;) Ha!


It took me a long time to recognize how important taking care of myself is, especially after becoming a mother, but now it’s a priority. I practice yoga or engage in some type of movement every day. I love being in my body and find it helps keep my mind quiet. I go to the sauna once a week to get a good sweat going, scrub down, and pamper myself a little. Whenever I am alone in the house I burn palo santo - I find it a real grounding tool. I also love making a beautiful little lunch for myself every day, and eating it slowly and quietly all by myself. 


Pretty much everything! Actually, I think the thing I am learning is to just AIM HIGHER and DREAM BIGGER all the time! Sounds cliché, but it’s truly astounding the things I’ve called into reality - working with the world’s top chefs (despite being a self-taught chef), publishing two cookbooks, holding wellness retreats in paradise, teaching cooking classes all over the world - I just need to remind myself that everything is possible and not to limit myself to things that seem “do-able”. I want outrageous! Bring it on! 


I wear a lot of vintage clothing from the 60s and 70s. Mostly dresses, which can be a bit cold in winter! So I layer them with wool tights, sweaters and solid scarves. I also love overalls and one-piece suits for ease and comfort. They are perfect for playing in the park! For shoes, I wear moccasins or New Balance runners. 


I have to say, I am feeling so inspired by WOMEN these days, and so proud to be a female in 2017! What a powerful shift we’re going through, and experiencing it within the sisterhood is a true blessing. I am especially inspired by women entrepreneurs who are paving the way for all of us to take risks and think outside of the box when it comes to making a living, while creating a more informed, empowered, beautiful world to live in.  


- palo santo

- aloe vera

- sprouts

- kombucha

- raw cacao



- Morgenstedet

- Manfred’s

- Souls

- Simple Raw

- Hafnia

- Neighbourhood

- Höst

- Mirabelle


- Stilleben


- H. Skjalm P.


- visit the Botanical Gardens

- go see Christiania (be adventurous here and walk off the beaten path!)

- stroll along Jaersbogade

- jump in the harbour

- eat a sourdough bun sitting on the canal

- bike everywhere

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