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Kundalini teacher Desirée Pais of Benshen is one of the most vibrant spirits you'll meet. She's incredibly honest, fun, and knows how to not take herself, or the turban, too seriously. That's what makes her so special. In true scorpio fashion, she can empathize and relate to everyone.

While I was in NYC last week, she gave me a couple of customized Kriyas - tailored for me specifically - to add to my everyday Sadhana. And it never fails to surprise me how instantly magic flows in and kismet happenings occur. Today she shares her top three favorite prosperity meditations that will benefit anyone practicing manifestation.  

D |  When I tell people that I teach Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, I love watching their faces contort when I share that we have practices for EVERYTHING - including my favorite topic, prosperity. As Lacy has shown you through her work, prosperity doesn't just mean money. It means being MAGNETIC, which also means clearing your subconscious mind so that you can attract what you want, and receive it without self-sabotaging. This is why I love the Kundalini Yoga practice; because it’s all encompassing. 

In my own experience, the Har Prosperity meditation was one of the first prosperity practices I did three years ago. I had just gone through a heavy breakup. I got a job at Freehold, a beautiful coffee shop reminiscent of SoHo House, which I loved. And I had just launched Benshen, (my a skincare line at the time). This was all in effort to turn over a new leaf. If anyone remembers the original labels, I hand-wrote them for months and drew gold circles. I had seen on a photo on Tumblr of a gold-leaf painting and thought, ‘I want my label circles to be gold-leafed on the bottle.’ I was totally clueless as to how I could even achieve that in large quantities or who I would have to hire to do it, so I put the idea to the side.

A week or so later, around Christmas, a super handsome man and his dog came into the coffee shop. It was late in the evening so the shop was empty and we started chatting. He invited me to his upcoming art show. After he left, I checked out his work and guess what he does? GOLD. LEAF. PAINTING. Yep. We ended up dating for a short while during which he designed the gold circles on my bottles and we figured out a way to get them mass produced. I couldn't believe in serendipity, so I had to attribute it to the meditation, since so many other experiences like this were happening. 

My favorite definition of wealth from the dictionary is, "A plentiful supply of a particular desirable thing." Nowhere does it say money, although money can be involved if that's what you desire. Through these practices I have learned that both what you think you need and what you actually need will come to you, with ease, and it's very, very exciting to watch unfold. 

Kundalini Prosperity Meditations

My top three

Sobagh Kriya | watch here.

Har Prosperity Meditation | this is the 3 minute section of Sobagh Kriya, which is the ONLY one that can be done alone as a separate meditation instead of the whole Sobagh Kriya. Watch here

Gyan Chakra Kriya | watch here

My suggestion to you is practicing them along with the videos to see which one you resonate with the most at this time. Commit to it for 40-days and watch the magic unfold. And as always, when working with Prosperity and manifestation, make sure to keep a gratitude journal of all the prosperity that is coming to you, so the Universe keeps it flowing. 

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