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I’ve been quite information obsessed lately. Having been on so many drives and a couple of flights in the last three weeks, here is the information that I’ve been absorbing.


INVINCIBLE LIVING | I imagine all of you have heard me go on and on about Guru Jagat and RA MA TV on here as I’m incredibly inspired by her approach to Kundalini. I try to tune in weekly. Now I’m over the moon that she has a book which compiles some of her greatest tips, meditations, diet insight and remedies. If you’re into lunar cycles, Ayurveda, kundalini, prosperity, natural tips, sex as science, and so much more, then this is going to be your January 2017 favorite read.


Chris Kresser | my all-time favorite. His approach to functional medicine, with respect to science and understanding the importance of a holistic approach, nobody else compares to him out there.

The Ezra Klein Show |  gives you a chance to get inside the heads of the newsmakers and power players in politics and media

Tim Ferriss | from the author that brought you The Four Hour Work Week. I’ll admit that his podcast is incredibly informative. He hosts amazing guests that share excellent insight.

On Being with Krista Tippett | from poets, to authors, to scientist, to leading mindfulness experts, this podcast always leaves me expanded.


VICE NEWS HBO | I LOVE their digestible, interesting, quick daily content.

VOX | I've also been geeking out to this political outlet recently, which strives to explain/decode the news. I love a quote I heard the founder say (paraphrased), "I'd tell people to stop putting focus and importance on the president and start focusing on Congress. Also, I'd suggest that they start being active and focused on a state level. Things like pot would have never passed in California on a federal level. A lot can happen at a state level."

theSkimm | and of course my favorite daily morning read comes straight to my inbox. 

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