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Note that these tips are considered spiritual bypassing so they certainly won’t shift one into being a deep manifester or creator. That comes from expanding our beliefs, growing our self-worth, shifting old programming, and clarity.  But without fail, I watch these five acts create instant magnetism in my practice.

My definition of being magnetic is to suggest that one is in a hyper state of magnetically pulling subjects they’ve been manifesting their way, faster. The subjects vary based on how expandsive one’s beliefs are regarding each subject. Also old positive subconscious manifested subjects can show up during these times as well.

TITHING | If you’re a client of mine and you’re focused on manifesting more income, then one of the habits you implement is tithe. And it’s specific to the spiritual person, company, or organization that is spiritually filling you up. For some that’s kundalini, nature, authors, temples, The Catholic church, and the list goes on. Each person varies.

I teach my clients that The Universe is their bank. Money is energy, and a big way to keep that energy flowing (rather than contracted) is to tithe. By taking 10% of income earned weekly and fearlessly and freely tithing it to their spiritual choice, they are directly energetically activating gratitude thanking The Universe. If one has expanded their beliefs about where more money can come from, this shows up in the form of more money. When they have not, it shows up in other small subjects they’ve been manifesting.

MOVING | If one has chosen to move due to circumstances that are better than where they were before, or to upgrade to what they’ve been wanting (while trusting and working with The Universe), then they are instantly magnetic. Especially if they are in a state of happiness, change and trust.

BREAK UP | when one leaves a relationship, job, situation, or environment for the betterment of themselves or the other party involved, then they are instantly magnetic. Especially if they do so with integrity, compassion, and humility. It’s like Christmas from The Universe. Very magnetic. 

NOT SETTLING | Maybe it’s a job offer, a new space to live when you only have five days left before you have to move, a friendship that you know isn’t positive for you, or a dating experience that you know isn’t the one you’ve been wanting. I mean this list can go on and on – even to mundane things like the pants you’ve been wanting, but the other color you don’t like are on sale for 50% off.

If you do not settle for less than exactly what you want, you are very very magnetic. The Universe is testing your self-worth (how much you believe you’re worth) and trust (how much you trust in The Universe).

INSPIRED | when one is headed down a new path everything is new, exciting, fresh and inspiring to them. They are beaming with hope, creative energy, and excessive possibility. This is only applicable if it’s down a path of flow (not a forced path that is met with resistance). This inspired energy is easily recognized in new love relationships, new jobs, travels, new endeavors, new hobbies, new careers, and so forth. 

Photo | Juliette Favat

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