#NATIVEweek No. 65

Ways that we can help those affected by the fires in Northern California. I'm donating to each today. 

Really into this sculptor

If you're in LA on Saturday, come to my Manifestation lecture and D.I. at RA MA. It's only $35. See you there. 

The book I'm loving this month.

MY NEWEST OBSESSION! The whole season is dyed with Canyon Coffee beans. I cropped mine and wear it over my Kamm pants daily. 


3 of my beauty tips over on Herbivore! 

Crown chakra ayurvedic nourishing oil. For nourished mermaid hair! 

How to practice Lagom

Is everyone subscribed to Jeff Kober's daily Vedic newsletter. Great daily inspo. @allywalsh sent it to me this last week. 

Everyone checked out CAP Beauty's LA guide right? You'll catch my favorite spots on it! Also, they are open in LA now!!! 

Hey Joshua Tree devotee's and travelers, artist Caris Reid opened up her magical reiki healing touch. If you're in need of energy shifting while you're out there! 

Alan Watts, just trust the universe

Yes, for all of those that have emailed this week and IG messaged, you can still sign up for UNBLOCKED reparent and hop in with us. I re-opened sign-ups since so many reached out. I've listed some Unblocker feedback below. 

I’d say that this should be required prior to becoming a parent.
— UNBLOCKER Reparent
Thank you for this life changing course!!!
— UNBLOCKER Reparent
Very happy to be doing another unblocked workshop. The last one was very potent for me and I’m excited to be doing more inner child work.
— UNBLOCKER Reparent
Lacy thank you so much. I cried a bit during the DI, the thought alone of having a magnetic house and magnetic parents created a lump in my throat in a good way.
— UNBLOCKER Reparent
I had known that this was something that weighed on me, but thank you Lacy for making it so clear.
— UNBLOCKER Reparent
Beginning to realize that asking for what I need doesn’t make me a burden - transformative is not overstating it. Thank you, Lacy!

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips