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A bit ago, I started receiving some pretty epic downloads regarding the next level of manifestation work I’ll be introducing to my clients and community this coming year. The way I process what downloads through me is: 1. I piece together what the intuitive messages mean. 2. I philosophize the energetic context(s) until I boil it down into a practice. 2. I try the different practices on myself first (extensively), and then I toll it out to a handful of clients that I know will do the work in order to guinea pig their success rate. Surveying by what begins showing up in their lives with weekly reports. This will show me what has shifted in them.

In order for me to process these downloads properly, I have to pause and pull my energy in. I have to create space to test and try, to listen and hear, to notice and adjust. It’s the distillation of boiling energetics down into actions. This one is gooooooood. And very exciting. I’ve already watched two bigger manifestations come through since beginning these new practices. And it’s incredible watching them (and the community / support around them) show up so quickly in real time.

Therefore, to put all of this energy and these messages in motion, I have to go INWARD. Here’s what that looks like for me.


(strengthening my intuition)

These days are when I take all obligations and throw them to the wind. Literally by pressing pause on them. Monday was a version of that for me. No blog post came out. No emails answered. Nothing that I felt forced to do. The first thing that stunts my Aquarian intuitive antennas are freedom restrictions.

On these days, I ONLY listen to what my body, heart, and soul needs. What they are asking for and being unapologetic about doing them. From bed to books to actions – whatever! I honor my intuition by following all needs and pings so as to heighten and activate them.


I say no to any vices. Mine happen to be treats, shopping, and social media. These are things I crave mindlessly consuming when I want to soothe or patch up feelings coming up in my body. But like all of you know from here, those negative feelings are the direct compass of what needs shifting. And in order to get clarity, they need to be felt and honored. Sitting in them, accepting them, and then investigating them allows my intuition to strengthen more.


I say yes to anything that is downloading through me. I DO NOT SECOND guess it. Especially random pings. I follow all of them, I honor them, and I ponder them. I stick them in my notes so that I don’t lose them, and so that I can come back to them and do or go where they have guided me.


Nature is one of the few places where I feel like I don’t have pressure on me. Pressure and obligations are my biggest intuitive killers. I will sit in nature until I feel the pressure fade, I will journal and I will listen.


Most of all, I honor that during these times, I’m going through a major transformation. Transformations feel scary, depressing, weird, and out of control if you are unfamiliar with them. It’s because aspects of the ego are dying and your authentic self - that hasn’t been nurtured by society or parental modeling - is surfacing and it doesn’t feel safe or confident. During these times, I usually don’t like to go to social engagements. I prefer to eat at home. I like to be in my transformative cocoon. And just like that, I'll know when it’s time to emerge into the world again and fly.

You'll notice that nowhere in here did I need fancy spiritual materialism. No crystals, nothing but myself. Those are beautiful enhancements, but nothing is needed to strengthen your intuition other than your own inner compass and getting quiet enough to listen. 

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