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Very excited to be in Scorpio Season. As a way to celebrate (and directly in search of some fall weather), we are headed to Portland this Friday. Packing had me take inventory of my staples this month, so I thought I'd curate them in one place to answer the questions I'll receive on IG Stories (of where they are from and what they are). 


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i. The dress you saw me wearing on IG stories when I was interviewed for the podcast Matcha Mornings. 

ii. This masterpiece that I live in daily, which was dyed with Canyon Coffee beans. (I cropped mine to look perfect over high wasted - though it looks magnificent as is)

iii. OBSESSED with this boot that looks good with EVERYTHING! Also, if one isn't playing it safe with the color nude, check out this groovy color

iv. The only luggage that I invest in for it has the best warranty, will be chic until the end of time, and it can be repaired in any country while traveling. All the cheap luggage I've purchased in the past falls apart after a few travels. 

v. The perfect pant fitted enough to go with all boots and baggy sweaters. 

vi. The ring I wear daily, as you guys have probably picked up on! 

vii. Same (but sweater)! 

viii. The end-all-be-all earrings that Max's mom gifted me. They make every bad hair day chic and unnoticeable. Yes to all holiday parties! 

ix. The cozies sustainable and chic PJ. I also love wearing chunky sweaters over it with cozy wool socks. Insert a cup of tea here. 

x. HAIR CLIPS in tortoise!!! 


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i. OBSESSED with this oversized luxurious dry body brush! Just having it hanging in my bathroom feels like a design object. 

ii. YES to this coconut concoction that you can use for literally everything! 

iii. This lymph tonic essential oil has taken my dry brushing practice to a whole new level. Simply place a few drops in your palm, scrape them up with your dry brush and brush your entire body. it deeply stimulates the lymph! 


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The three vinyls playing on the regular in our house!

I've created a little playlist for you guys below (so you can tune into my sound current lately)! 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips