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'Tis the season!

I grew up on a decently haunted ranch in Cathey’s Valley, CA (gold rush territory and Indian territory before that). The stories of doors slamming, electronics bursting on out of nowhere and spotless arrowheads left at a doorway people had been walking through all day are rather common. No joke, I slept on my stepbrother’s bottom bunk most of jr. high and high school after one really frightening TV incident. Once my sister (seventeen years younger than I) came along, my parents had a medium come in to make sure the room was safe. Without feeding her any info she quickly detected the spirit of a miner that had attached to me as I reminded him of his daughter that had died before him – explaining all the incidents from my youth. The medium sent him away. Needless to say, there has always been a lot of activity on our property.

This is the first trip that I’ve stayed in my grandparent’s home, at the lower part of our ranch, alone, and some pretty interesting things have been happening to me. Last night, I spoke with my sister’s friend that inherited the gift of seeing spirits (something she shared with her father and sister - and certainly not something she wished for). Recently, when visiting the home, she said that she saw a heavy-set woman on our daybed with white hair and good energy (my late grandmother Sue), and a man standing by the guest bedroom door with energy she didn’t like so she kept ignoring him.

Before I arrived to come stay here alone, a client gave me a few wonderful tools for taking up space and asking any spirits to leave while I’m there. But a few things continue to happen. Lights popping off while I walk through the area, a phone lighting up blinking and turning off, a chair that continues to move regardless of how many times I adjust it, Barley staring at nothing and barking at a door for lengthy periods of time. Now, I’m rather chicken about this stuff because I’m very sensitive to it, and I weirdly am not scared this time. It’s been a great experiment of getting over fears. So yesterday, I reached out to my community on IG to see if they had any great tricks for ridding, co-existing, and dealing with unwanted energy in living spaces. Communicating with them respectfully and setting firm boundaries seems to be the way to go. Here are the tools they shared for any of you that may encounter this one day!  

@localrose Sometimes you have to be firm with the spirits like a mama with child who wants boundaries 💕

@wildsoulhealing Just about speaking to them @freeandnative, calmly and firmly stating that you are here, you are grateful to share this space with them, but you are not available to be frightened. We have free will, so if we say, "no" or "leave please," they will listen. My cousin sees spirits (as do I, runs in our family), and at 16 she asked to not see any more, and they haven't shown themselves to her since. She can feel them, but they respect her free will. Gentle communication helps so much!

Two more things: adding "don't come back" or "ever again" is important under certain circumstances, because if we say, "please stop," they will, but only temporarily lol. Other thing is, a lot can be tempered just by acknowledgment -- communication works the same way in the spirit realm as it does with the body, and with other humans. If something flickers or drops, if we just say, "hey -- I hear ya, but the scares have to stop. Let's coexist please," they mostly chill out. 💕

@graceforaladybird I agree with @localrose. you have to claim that you’re there and not going to bother them but be firm with the ones that make you feel uncomfortable. 

@_communal_Yes, firm, calm and clear. “This is my space right now and you can’t stay." Send them light and move on, try to not get caught on it because what they want is for you to lower the vibration to level them (confused, sad, angry spirit), so just constantly prayers and mantras while you are there.

@linda_newman_boughton Salt the corners of the rooms of the house and tell the spirits to leave directly. I lived in a haunted space for a while and did this salt ritual. The spirits left me alone but didn't leave and proceeded to taunt my house mate. 🌒

@kristenhenderson I completely agree with @localrose. Be firm and say it out loud. I distinctly remember my mom doing this in a house we grew up in. Sometimes things would even suddenly go missing. She would be calm and firm and request them back out loud. We would usually find the items right away, yet in the strangest spots! Good luck. ✨

@_the_little_fox_ @graceforaladybird Agreed. This worked for me in college...everything weird that was happening stopped after I made it clear I was going to be there for a little while but they could stay as long as they cut out the tricks. Smooth sailing after that thankfully.

@marieemiliepp When I feel something like this or I feel I am not alone, I imagine I am in a bubble that protects me and projects a big light (I choose a protecting color for imagining my bubble). Oh, and the bubble can grow and grow as you imagine it so it surrounds all the areas you want.

@heathertrappler I agree with @localrose, you really have to state your boundaries, and firmly. You can ask them to leave (and they can return when you go home 😸) its not cruel to shut them out.  💜 I have had many experiences, and even things going missing when I turn around. So just state what you would like to happen. Also the veil is extremely thin right now, so this is going to rise for many people. I have two ways to approach this. One is to threaten, the other is to acknowledge them and tell them that you understand it may be confusing but you can't help them and it's time to move on. It's not a good idea to threaten unless you can back it up, I'm happy to fill you in on that part if you want. It's a quick conversation and it's a pretty effective life tool. Also, you could try doing a Chamundi mantra practice, she is fantastic at clearing space.

@molly_parton I lived for years in an old slave cabin on a plantation home in Virginia. The first night I moved in, I lit a candle and sat in the living room and explained my purpose, my peace, and my respect for their space, but firmly stood my ground that it was now my space to love and respect. Certain things happened over the years, but all the energy was good and we lived in harmony. Sending light to you. This is an important time! ✨

@sky_and_company Acknowledge them out loud, but be firm with your boundaries. Unless they are actively trying to harm you. Then it's just best to ignore them. Burn a little sage and if you practice Reiki, try symbol 3.

@susansheltontracy You can also engage with them if you want by directly asking them things like, "How can I help" and "is there something you need"? 🕊

@americamartin From one sensitive spirit to another - please try the following: 1. stand anywhere on the proper and with eyes open or shut it Disney matter - get the entire property as in a birds eye view every tree rock the whole general circumference - then push that perimeter out like another 12 feet - think of the places you go outside of your ranch road car - market what have you and say out loud & inside your heart - Hey! Spirits of past present and future - Thank You! I see you I feel you I understand it sucks to be dead and you're trying to make an impact - well I got it - but - starting from right now this very second, it's done - I am Here - this is my place - and there will not be any more drama or funny stuff- I am living today and creating a future - you are not welcome - thank you be gone now! (and swell your spirit out to the whole perimeter of the property - as if you are the guard dog - and then laugh and know you are the boss - - no fear only direct orders and commands - your sweet granny - will not be offended - and the bored annoying ones will get the picture - if it's not nice get firm if it's annoying acknowledge and still say thank you NO! - blessing to you.

@lindsay39 I never threaten. I offer to help, I have coexisted with several in a 1778 farmhouse. And had a truly evil one banished from a 1919 house. But I never assume the worst, never start out by demanding anything

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