One And Dones

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Many of you have seen me living in a pink jumper for the past few months. And those that have seen me in person, realize that I tend to wear mostly one-and-done's when I don't have anything particularly special to attend. Can I get a raise of hand from those of you that love the one piece outfit or accessory that requires no other thought? Literally, a zip or button-up and then you're done for the day. I live for them. Here are the universal one-and-done's I've incorporated into all daily life as of late! 


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i. This lip is by far the best red I've ever found. It's darker, has clean ingredients, lasts for hours, and it's a great moisturizer. I find myself applying a couple of dabs to my cheeks for blush and then to my lips for a bold fall statement. And done!

 ii. I LOVE this hemp Jung Maven dress. Obviously, it's still dress season here in LA; however, I look forward to the day when I get to wear this over a sweater and tights. 

iii. THE BEST cleansing oil. It cleanses thoroughly, leaving my skin soft and moist, then I apply it after as a moisturizing oil! And done! 

iv. Shiva Rose gifted me my first bag of Golde which is comprised of all of the ingredients that make up a perfect golden mylk latte or tea! Just add water or mylk. 

v. Said pink jumper above. (sorry to all of my friends that have seen me wearing this for days in a row). I truly live in it. 

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white sweater | grey sweater | weekender bag | baggu bag  

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