#FREENATIVEweek No. 67

NYC and Connecticut, HAVE YOU SEEN THIS INCREDIBLE NEW WELLNESS HUB. Hello, shopping and infrared! 

Obsessing over this woman's work and product right now. This video on hormones is everything. The most beautiful @thelocalrose introduced me to it all.  Shop it here



Any type of sexual harassment can cause psychological harm.

The circadian clock in your nose

Saw this, this week, and having grown up in the Central Valley, graduated in 2003, wanting to escape the CV, with a wild mom-daughter dynamic, let's just say that this movie is everything (and resonated deeply). 

HELLO TAROT ENTHUSIASTS! NYC based Lindsay Mack is coming to LA from Nov. 15-20th, so make sure to get your reading in. 

The reason why you should work the ENTIRE program if you got it. Note the comments under as well! 

Jewels and worth

Ask and you shall receive! Very excited about this! 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips