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This will be the first year that I'm not going out of town for Thanksgiving. And it feels good. I've been working overtime on some special fun things coming out, but it's left me rather exhausted. Energy depleted to say the least. So this year, we are going to spend the actual day at my cousin's in the morning and Max's cousin's home in the evening. Then the rest of the holiday will be spent replenishing with massive self-care. And I truly couldn't be happier. Here's what both will look like. 


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i. I'm simply OBSESSED with Olderbrother's coffee dyed garments this season. And this corduroy collection makes the perfect suit duo. 

ii. I also fell in love with this long-sleeved simple crop that looks good under any jacket, and over anything high waisted! 

iii. The pants to the perfect blazer.

iv. My winter hat.

v. These were the first nice shoes I got at 23. I still rock them for holidays. They've been repaired twice. I take all nice shoes to be repaired in order to use them for a long time. 


The rest of the time, I'll be in pure self-care mode. Immersed might be a better word? Literally, nourishing ALL of my needs, fatigue, and wants! Here's what that will look like. 

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i. First and foremost, it's all about the pj's this week!!!! Because there will be a lot of lounging. And this is my FAVORITE winter-set. Which coincidently also looks chic if you have to run out on a tiny errand. I simply slip on some chic sliders like the ones featured below to make it all good. 

ii. CASTOR OIL PACKS have me so happy lately. As part of my pregnancy prep, I've been implementing them for a few weeks for circulation, good egg quality, dissolving any unwanted tissue, and to detox. I've also been doing them on my liver. Here's a great video on all. I'm obsessed! It's become my favorite thing before bed. 

iii. The Bible finally arrived and I CAN'T WAIT TO DIG IN!!!!!!!! All hail queen Nadine Artemis. She is the sole reason why I gave up wearing bras and soooooo much more. Been waiting on the edge of my seat! 

iv. My new favorite essential oil for grounding and calming the vata. I massage it into my scalp and roll it between my toes (most absorbent part of the foot) for a deep restorative night. Great companion to the castor oil session.

v. I'll finally get to try Fig + Yarrow's new eye magic!

vi. Overalls for all other outings that are required. Because I'm all for the one and done's (with a tiny top under).

vii.  Said chic mules that dress up pjs to overalls (for all mandatory outings). 

viii. MY NEW FAVORITE OIL! Gifted to me by my Reiki healer, I've been enjoying some deeply nourishing abhyangas with this incredible bottle. 

ix. The practice that will get me through this entire holiday season!!!! My breathwork teacher, Lauren Spencer King, has a digital workshop for us to stay calm during the holiday season. And I'm 100% going to be doing this daily. Join me. 

x. Also, very curious to check out this ayurvedic workshop at Yogala!! 

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