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As we gear up for the release of HOW TO MANIFEST VIDEO Workshop, a portion that I go over is the Magic Dark. It's a space one enters right before they are about to receive their manifested subject. You'll learn all about that in the workshop itself; however, in the meantime, I want to inspire you to start gauging when you're tapped into your version of utter trust. 

Another thing you'll learn in the workshop is that trust is a muscle that's earned. I don't prescribe to the "think positive" and now "trust that what you asked for is on its way". For I believe that the more we manifest by doing certain actionable a + b = c steps that lead to our manifestations, the more that trust muscle develops. Therefore, I prescribe to trust as something that is earned through actually witnessing what we want showing up. However, I do know that every one of us has intuition and our own version of trust (or as my Reiki healer so beautifully calls it - peace). 

So this article isn't to be confused with learning how to tap into a vibration of trusting that your manifestation is on its way, it's an article inviting you to narrow down when you are in your utter peace, trust, freedom - a portal where you feel utter joy and the prospect that anything is possible. Noticing my own version of this space was what actually led me to drop the other new age spiritual bypass ways of manifesting and start tuning into myself. 

My "tuned-in" happens in a few ways and feels a certain way. It happens in nature, it happens when I don't have anything on my schedule or anyone around, it happens on drives, and it happens in new situations and environments.  And if we map this out, it's something I've had with me since I was very small. For, I was an only child until I was 13 (alone), I was constantly driving and staying between houses (mom, dad, grandparents, aunts - driving), and I grew up primarily on a ranch (nature/unstructured), and I went to two elementary schools, two jr. high's, and two high schools (new environment). If you notice a pattern here, my "tuning-in" seems to stem from that free, imaginative, anything is a possible place that most of us experience in childhood. 

Now, some didn't have this opportunity in childhood due to traumatic circumstances or hovering parents that didn't allow space for creativity, freedom, and empowerment. I strongly suggest working through UNBLOCKED Inner Child if that's case, for it's still something you can develop.

However, we all have our own version of tuning-in. And it doesn't look the same for everyone. Meaning, it isn't always in traditional meditation for everyone. Meditation can mean so many things. For some, it can be in travel or others after a glass of wine. Regardless, it's a very potent place to be aware of when navigating Manifestation because it's your space to touch base with the most authentic parts of your mind, body, and spirit. Your needs, your clarity, your potential, and so on. I love tapping into this space often during this time of the year when I'm gearing up to see what I want to call in for the next year ahead. A place where I can shed the ego and hear my authentic wants and needs more clearly. Today, I encourage you to map out and navigate what yours is. And if you don't have one yet, the answers to the questions below should help you begin to try things until you find yours. I highly suggest getting very comfortable and familiar with this magic space and tuning-in often before the next year ahead - especially when partaking in the any of the upcoming workshops! Get out your journals.


when answering these questions, ask yourself if: Is it a time of day? A place? A movement? A thing you do? A feeling?

When do you feel most at peace?

When do you feel optimistic and that anything is possible? 

When can you hear your true voice the loudest and know that it's correct?

When do you feel in utter trust? 

When do you feel totally free? 

Take a moment to reflect back on times you've been in this space. Has anything wonderful happened during or after it?

How often do you tap into this space?  

What small shifts, scheduling, or actions would you have to take in order to spend more time in this space? 

Happy Monday! 

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