INWARD • how I shut my mind off lately


Many of you ask about my practices, so as always, I'm sharing them with all of you in a post. Now I'm a hyper vata over-thinker air sign. Then when I work with clients, I leave my body and channel. So by the end of a full workday, trying to completely come back down to zero takes unconventional things. Trust me, I've tried all the grounding ideas coming to your mind right now. The earthing, the selenite block, Vedic meditation, Abhyanga, essential oils, kundalini, nervine herbs, vata calming food, nature..... Just to name a few. Though I love and cherish those tools (and use many of them for targeted needs), they don't put a dent into my cracked out nervous system, obscenely tight shoulders, and out of body energy. Here's what actually works for me. And they are "basic", but effective.

TV!!!! GASP! This is the most powerful tools that will have me totally grounded and back in my body after one episode. Because my mind is entirely focussed on something and I'm resting. It's one of the only things that can keep my mind that present. Now, I'm by no means a TV addict. In fact, I'd be proud of myself if I could be one for two months to help rest and significantly heal my adrenals. Currently, I'm watching This Is US and Alias Grace. Beyond in love with both! 

READING. Almost as effective, but I will put it down to attend to work again or my mind will wander. I'm currently reading Nurture and Renegade Beauty, which I LOVEEEEE (both). 

CALM Magnesium. This good old bottle of calm. I take 3 tsp before bed in warm water to finally calm my entire system and mind. 

CASTOR Oil. All things castor oil are deeply relaxing for me, especially before bed. I'll massage it into the soles of my feet (especially between toes where it's so absorbable) and then cover with socks. And castor oil packs put my internal body and organs to such deep work that I drift into the deepest sleep right away. 

NAKED. I instantly take off anything that is restricting, especially anything that is irritating my nervous system through tightness or discomfort. 

BEESWAX Candle. I will light a beeswax candle and turn off all the lights, which begins to shut my brain down and pump up the melatonin. 

They couldn't be more effective, basic and cheap. So if you're in constant go, like me, with a very overactive mind, these tiny treasures might bring you a lot of relief. 

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