#NATIVEweek No. 66

The very magnetic Ally Walsh's self-care routine (the last answer makes my heart burst).

You guys HAVE to check out this weekly newsletter. To become a member, you simply sign up for the newsletter. It's so brilliant. It's like The Skimm had a baby with the whole holistic and metaphysical world. It also keeps you posted on all the happenings. It's become a true favorite of mine! 

Has everyone heard 11 sing? Also this one. Still grieving that I finished Stranger Things in two days (and now there are none left).

I'm currently reading this. I had to take a break from self-help and get into a little fiction. (GOOP recommended)  

Getting excited about this event!!! See you there. Also, use the code Almost30 for 20% off. 

You guys posting these (and this) literally makes me get up every morning to do this work! 

I want EVERYTHING. When I was in Portland, I tried a few of these sweaters on. I can't believe I didn't buy (no sales tax in Portland). Kicking myself now and looking to get this one. These pieces are made from wool sourced from a small alpaca farm. Heart swoon. Everything on their Instagram makes me drool. 

Also, do I just get this box for everyone for the holidays? Wow. Literally, all of my favorite things. 

How am I just nowdiscovering this quarterly about nordic knit life? 


Been getting a lot of downloads and working on UNBLOCKED Opulence. Very excited to see you guys in there! 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips