#NATIVEweek No. 70

Boy, these rings just keep getting prettier and prettier. #onmylist

If you didn't get a chance to check out my episode of The Balanced Blonde's Podcast, Soul On Fire, here it is. We get into herbs, endocrine issues, aliens, manifestation, shadow, breaking molds, communicating with your pets and so much more! 

I'm obsessed with this. Been doing them once a month. This is my favorite blend so far. 

These earrings have turned into THE goto holiday accessory. I could nearly show up naked because so many people notice them. They do all the talking. I also have my eye on these

The (not so)surprising effects of loneliness and health.

A. My look for London and Scotland. B. This quote is everything, “We can grow gracefully, or gorgeously. I pick both.” - Diane Keaton

I've been binging this to "tune out". It gets me excited to head to my ranch next week for the holidays. 

A VERY IMPORTANT REMINDER (as seen on @thenuminous). Worth = all manifestations. Can't wait to see you in F&M

Just making sure that everyone has checked out KILKEA Designs and floras? Perfect. Especially if you're in LA.

Mouth is watering

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips