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I had a special client write in to ask my thoughts on a recent shaman she saw that stated x, y, and z about her karma. She asked my thoughts on karmic destiny vs. co-creating our reality. This is something I've simmered on much in my own life. Mostly through experience. 

I will start by saying that I'm not a huge fan of seeking intuitive guidance. And I usually encourage my clients to do the same. The one exception is if you've had the same intuitive that has been accurate 100% ALL OF THE TIME. 

I completely understand seeking a psychic when one feels uncertain or hopeless. I myself have been there. But I swore it off years ago. Most importantly, because they can plant limiting beliefs in the subconscious that can create blocks. And many have done so for me that I've had to work around in order to unblock and allow my manifestations to come through. 

I believe that our best psychic is our own intuition, and learning how to deepen our relationships with it is the most valuable investment that we can make. That's why I encourage inwardness so much as well as digging around in our subconscious, which holds quite a few answers for us. 

I'm also a firm believer in limitless. I believe that the programming that we've been exposed to our whole lives determines what we can do and what we can't do. And I teach tools that show us how to reshape it all.

Now onto karma, which I'm not going to get too much into because I'm not a spiritual teacher and I respect everyone's relationships with it. I have a little bit of a different belief in "karma" than most. I believe that karma is simply the soul’s authentic longing and purpose to come back to utter wholeness. I don't believe in "what goes around comes around". Why, because I've witnessed too many people who are horrific (based on the societal structuring of what is right and what is wrong), that subconsciously have been programmed to believe what they are doing is right, to not receive karmic flux.

Now I do believe in lessons coming into our life. But again, I only believe that they come in order to knock us back onto our authentic soul's longing/purpose. Our wholeness. 

I was actually on a hike last week taking inventory on just this question. I remember seeing a Vedic shaman once who looked at me and said, "you'll only have this many loves in your life and you'll always be poor in this lifetime." That messed with me for soooooooo long. And guess what, he's already wrong on both accounts. I've had too many experiences like that to disbelieve that we can co-create our reality with The Universe (which is actually a multi-verse, scientifically speaking) if we expand, unblock programming, pass tests, and step into our authentic wholeness, which is everything (and more) you'll be learning in HOW TO MANIFEST VIDEO Workshop

I had a client a year ago that had an astrology reading early in her 20's that stated she'd not have a deep love and connection in this lifetime. Therefore, she hadn't had a serious committed relationship since. Guess what we did, we went out and manifested her mate. They are happily and deeply in love, engaged, and living together a year later. 

I had a similar client who had a tarot reading that said she was in the wrong career and she'd switch entire careers in six months because this one was coming to an end. She loved her work and career. After working through that, she is still happy in her current career and thriving. 

Now, I test out quite a bit of healers and intuitives in this space to see if I want to feature them on FN. Anytime I hear one say something limiting about my current state or future, there is a tiny chuckle inside. But there is also a slight, "fuck, now I'm going to have to do some work on expanding out of that comment." 

One thing I do know for sure, you are constantly co-creating your reality with The Universe. It's up to you if you want to buy into the limits or not (subconsciously speaking). 

*Always feel free to email questions you might have. It helps me know what to touch on in my Manifestation writings. 

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