I have quite the winter ahead of me as of tomorrow, and I truly can't wait! We head to my ranch outside of Yosemite in the morning until Christmas Day. Then off to London, Scotland, LA for a week, and NYC for a month. Needless to say, when I looked in my closet for anything fitting for outside of 80-degree winter weather, I had to get a few pieces. Here's what I'm packing to stay warm and chill


On Christmas Eve, we are going to make a beautiful dove dinner that my father caught. The table will blaze with beeswax candles in my late grandmother's vintage silver sticks. When I think of the holidays, I think of Victorian customs, decorations, traditional meals, and music (eggnog from scratch with raw milk... you get the point). I'm so drawn to the simplicity that centers on connection and foraging natural materials of the season. Though I'm not religious, I will most likely drag Max to a tiny 1800's chapel in our goldrush town to sit-in during a mass service. I do this all over Europe as well. It doesn't have anything to do with organized religion, I'm just so deeply drawn to the design and sacredness of the space. Here are the cozy garments I'll wear. 

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SWEATER • the coziest! And chicest. 

PANTS • cropped slacks work for every winter occasion. 

BOOTS • a second-season favorite. 

COAT • I always go vintage if I can find what I'm looking for before buying new. 


Since I was young, it's been a thing to dress up for Christmas. My grandfather's home is empty, so Max and I are taking it over, picking up a tree on our way, decorating it completely zero waste with dried citrus and cinnamon sticks, and we'll host brunches and dinners leading up to Christmas Day. Even if I'm the only one dressing up, here's what I'll be wearing.

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DRESS • simple and something that I can wear over tights for the rest of the season any old day. I'll be wearing tights for this occasion as well. 

SHOES • these pumps were made for walking (all over holidays, London, and NYC).

SUNNIES • for a pop of color. 

RIBBON • and a ribbon from my holiday wrapping.


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20:1 CBD TINCTURE • because I'm constantly stressed this time of year, my vata is out of control, and I leave my body. A few drops of this little (very potent) CBD oil brings me back down. 

MUSCLE RELAXING • If you can't tell, I'm kind of obsessed with this company. When I spend too much time in the energy of other people, my shoulders tense drastically from so much energy flowing through me. Therefore, this has been wonderful to rub on them to keep them relaxed. I carry this and the CBD tincture in my purse. 

GINGER • my favorite digestive aid. Chewing on some raw ginger before and after meals. 

EVENING FACIAL • cleanse with this, exfoliate with this, tone with this, moisturize with this, and this. To combat winter dryness for my already incredibly parched complex. 

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