With Love From 32

free-and-native-lacy-phillips-blue sweater

Today is a day for love. Loving yourself first, your connection to spirit, and then those around you. It also marks a very special threshold for me as it’s my last day in my 31 year-old-body. Tomorrow is a new rotation, a new evolution, and a beautiful further blooming into a strong and powerful woman.

Because today is truly about our connection with self, spirit, and the collective, here is a beautiful conscious asking during your meditation. I also made a playlist to evoke my vibe through the sense of audio for this passing.


 PROCESS | sit down and enter your favorite free-form meditation. When your thoughts have cleared and you are tuned in, ask and let the answers unveil over the next few months. It’s up to you to open up and receive these answers all around you.  


Can you please show me how to heal you? How to come back to you? And how to integrate as one - just as we were when we were little. My eyes, heart and ears are open.  

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips