NATIVE nyc round-up February

to-be-magnetic-Spruceton Inn

Hands down my new favorite clean eatery in all of NYC. Ally Walsh turned me onto it and I can't get enough. 

I've been bringing my organic jojoba oil and sneaking down here daily, after clients, for the cheapest massage! 

BEST homemade udon spot in the East Village. Also obsessed with their daikon, hjiki, and burdock salads. Sweetest minimalist wabi-sabi space. 

Trying to check out this show and this show this weekend before leaving. 

Stocked up on my favorite Brooklyn oils. Argan & Marula for winter. 

Can't wait to check out the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in July.  So bummed that I'm going to miss the Cherry blossom bloom. 

Discovered that the Brooklyn Museum is one of my favorites. I was most obsessed with the Iggy Pop Life Class exhibit and Beverly Buchanan. Though, the interiors of old NYC really peaked my interests as well. 

Took a quick trip to the Catskills. Stayed in this sweet spot. Popped into the Dia Beacon museum which was AH-MAZING. And ate at this awesome farm to table spot. They even let me take two eggs home to cook in the morning. Such an awesome getaway. 

Favorite little Wabi-Sabi Izakaya spot in the East Village that plays reggae and doesn't accept tips (traditional Japanese style). Hidden treasure. 

I intended to take some classes here. But didn't get to it. 

Favorite shops are: This, this, and this

We were supposed to see Woody Allen play jazz the first night we got in but our flight was delayed by 4 hours. You guys should go so that I can live vicariously through you. 

Also, I'm freakishly obsessed with Harlem and its architecture, especially by the river. Hoping to pop around there one day this weekend and catch gospel and jazz. 

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