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A year ago, Nitsa of Sun Potion introduced me to the concept of Human Design, which is a deeper and more inclusive reading on an individual than astrology and aura - though those are both incorporated into one's chart. So as soon as I learned that Jenna Zoe reads Human Design charts, I had to try a session. I've tried most "esoteric readings" out there, but Human Design felt as if Jenna was vocalizing my soul. Most importantly, as a projector she gave me very specific insight of programming that I've picked up to shake off, while articulating the strengths that are benefiting me, and how to pump those up. I actually refer back to my recorded reading monthly and something new and important pops out every time. 

I've had a few friends and clients that have gotten readings since, and all we can say is that YOU MUST TRY! 


Sun and Moon in Aquarius, saved by ascendant Virgo.


My road to this place has been long and varied! I chose not to go to college and ended up working for Tamara Mellon, the creator of Jimmy Choo for 5 years. I had front row seats to seeing a woman live out her dreams without ever compromising her Divine Feminine, which was possibly the best thing that ever happened to me.

I then created two health food businesses of my own (Upcakes and Skinny Drinks), wrote two cookbooks (Super Healthy Snacks and Treats and Plant-Based Paleo) - but always with any spare time I had, I was learning about spirit and all things esoteric. About two years ago I had a session with a shaman who read my Human Design. It was the first time I’d ever heard of it so I wanted to find out everything I could. Once I started practice-reading charts, I realized I was able to channel messages that didn’t come from ‘me’ but from a higher consciousness speaking through me.


To me it’s like reading the ‘costume’ your soul chooses to wear in this incarnation. And the more we can recognize what energies are inherently part of this costume, the more we can show up are our most authentic, happiest selves.

This world floods us with messages about who we should be in order to survive and thrive in this world – but Human Design teaches that the same advice is not correct for everybody. For example, it’s right for one person to be listening to her instincts, but not for another. One person shouldn’t be driven by a need for power and influence, and the other should.  The way I see it, it’s beautiful because there is no good and bad in HD, just differences – and when you accept that you are different you can really and truly accept the other for who they are too.

Our free will, when we get to know our own design better, is whether we choose to play out our inherent selves in a high-vibe or low-vibe way.


Human Design has really taught me that our Highest Selves are already within us. When you have your HD chart done, it will tell you which qualities are truly ‘yours’, and which ones you may have tried to identify with because at some point in your journey, someone told you it was beneficial to act that way. When we are living out qualities that aren’t meant for us, that’s when we get spiritually off track, so to speak. Our work is to detach ourselves from the conditioning we’ve picked up along the way, so that we are free to be the fullest expression of our true self.

When we are living in a way that is for our Highest Good, I believe we by default are adding to the Highest Good for everyone & everything in our lives too – even if we can’t sometimes see how.

In Human Design the ‘work’ is the deconditioning, and once you’ve brought yourself back to your real self, and are brave enough to just be you, the Universe brings you everything you could ever want, need and desire. It’s truly magical.


There are five main ‘types’ in Human Design, which give us general guidance about how we should be directing our energies. Of course ,there will be more complex directions for each individual based on the rest of their chart, but this is a good place to start!

Generators: pure life-force in motion, these people have an attracting aura and a juiciness to their energy. They are here to dance with life and engage their energy to move their community forward in a way that is meaningful to them. When they are doing what they love, people can’t get enough of them.  They are also the natural hustlers and doers of society.

Common challenge: generators have to listen to their gut and honor their desires, rather than saying yes to things they feel they ‘should’ do. Because of their juicy energy, other people will want to use the generator’s energy for their own benefit. But generators have to be lit up and passionate about anything they engage their energy with otherwise they burn out – I tell generators that unless they feel it’s a hell yes, it should become a hell no!

Projectors: These people are here as guides for the tribe. They have an ability to see something the way others can’t – whether that’s reading into people, devising systems, or designing new ways of doing things, each projectors has a special ability of their own.

Common challenge: trying to prove they can hustle and keep up with the rest of the world. Projectors have inconsistent energy, and can easily spend their time beating themselves up over the fact that they can’t just ‘make things happen’. They are not here to do that. It’s also very common for projectors to be impatient if they don’t understand how their energy operates. The more you trust the flow of life as a projector instead of trying to keep up with the generators, the more stuff will start happening for you, ironically. And in the meantime, spend your time honing your special skill.

Manifestors: these are the trail blazers who are here to create movements, whether they intentionally try to or not! Their energy can’t help but be felt when they walk into a room. Manifesting energy in human design simply means you don’t need to wait for collaboration from the Universe in order to act. It’s an impulsive energy not driven by anything but the Divine expressing itself through you. A big part of living correctly as a manifestor is cherishing and honoring those impulses, because they’re rare and special.

Common challenge: Manifestors have a selective aura, so they will attract some people and repel those who aren’t right for them. This is the Universe’s natural sifting mechanism in motion, but this can feel like rejection or disapproval, so manifestors will spend their lives trying to please everybody, This is not the correct use of their energy and not what they came here to do – but it holds many of them back from fulfilling their true potential.

Manifesting Generators: these are a hybrid for the new age of a generator plus a manifestor – when they’re living correctly they are like superhumans! Not only do they have the ability to initiate, like the manifestor, they can also make it happen like the generator.

Common challenge: MGs can often feel caught between wanting to run out the door and act on their impulses, and also wait for their gut feelings to kick in (the hell yes or the hell no). I tell MGs it’s super important to reserve the right to change your mind as you go, and to train your loved ones to accept that from you too, wherever possible. MGs will often ‘move’ quicker than generators but they’ll course-correct more often as well.

Reflectors: these are super rare energy types in human design, with less than 1% of the population falling into this category. They are the true mirrors for society with the greatest potential for wisdom out of all the types.

Common challenge: energetically, they are like blank slates with very little of their own defined energy, and growing up in a world where you have to know who you are is confusing for these guys most of all. Understanding that you operate so differently from 99% of the world, and that that is okay, is the best place to start for a reflector.


Wildest: Once at a wedding in Ibiza I jokingly asked the Universe for a cacao fix, and got gifted raw chocolate cake for free three hours later. That to me was really my evidence that the things we want lightly come easily.

Monumental: With Lacy’s help, I’ve been able to manifest all the press and growth for my businesses that I could have wanted. I got everything on my List and then some. I can’t sing her praises highly enough!


The Awakened Family by Shefali Tsabary – her book the Conscious Parent turned my world around and I’m not even a parent yet.

Your Body is Talking, Are You Listening, by Art Martin

And I’ve just bought the Tao Te Ching because I’m curious.


Almond oil. I used to have the WORST acne and what turned it around was radically simplifying my routine – a damp cloth, rosewater then moisturizing with an oil. They key is to find an oil that is right for your skin type, so for example coconut is too heavy for my skin and makes me break out, whereas rosehip is too light and therefore doesn’t lock in enough moisture for me.

Grounding myself through trees really soothes me – they’ve been around so much longer than we have and I feel like we can literally download their wisdom by connecting to them. It’s as simple as going into a park and putting your hands on a trunk.

Spirulina and argan oil – I put this earthy combo on all my salads as I feel it brings my airy head back down to the ground, and the way it makes your skin glow doesn’t hurt either.

Digestive enzymes, because like many women when I’m emotional or stressed my system constricts, and which compromises how efficiently our digestive system works. 

Essential oils – I’m not an expert but I’m having such fun using them intuitively as to what feels good that day. Right now I like Patchouli and sandalwood for when I need to feel powerful, and grapefruit or citronella when I need to feel light.


I would go sit in the middle of Hyde Park and just soak up the London energy.

I would eat at Farmacy in Notting Hill for super high-vibe and healthy food. It’s unique in that it’s presented in a chic, elegant way. They offer all across the healthy spectrum from charcoal shots in actual syringes, to Tigernut milk ice cream sundaes.

I would go FaceGym for a 30 minute treatment of lymph drainage, tension release and muscle stimulation on your face using jade rollers, mini exercise balls, and a pair of very fast hands. No matter how tired or puffy you come in, you leave looking like you’ve had surgery (and I never released how much stress we hold in the dozens of little muscles we have in our faces). It’s somehow more of a release than a full body massage, and better pre-party prep than the traditional ‘hair and makeup’.

I would visit Content Beauty, a gorgeous apothecary that stocks only the best integrity health and beauty products, plus a treatment room downstairs where they’ll administer goat’s-yoghurt-and-greens-powder face masks, and use manuka honey to suck out zits. Ask for the Dr Alkaitis facial if you want a treat.

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