Megan McCulloch • Max & Vera

Since this week is focused on self: self-love, self-power, self-sexiness and autonomy, I couldn't think of a more perfect cosmic lingerie company to share than Max & Vera. The first lingerie with a pocket specifically for setting intention and wearing our crystals on us. Not only is it a beautifully designed line, but it is consciously made from biodegradable plants and up-cycled deadstock lace. Meet the maker, Megan McCulloch.




After being a designer for other brands for over a decade, I decided to launch my own. I wanted to design a collection with purpose and offer something that was needed in the market rather than more of the same. 

I collect crystals and regularly wear them in my bra. This led to me creating a proto type of a bra with a hidden mesh pocket for stones. From there the Intentions collection was created!


It is all about connection with a personal and interactive experience. Being mindful of where you are at and where you would like to be.

Each crystal contains a different energy to promote health and balance. Wearing these stones assists in aligning your vibrations and ultimately opens you to live from the heart.


The Nude/Black Intentions Set comes with Smokey Quartz Point.  This stone is grounding and dissolves negative energies. It is nature's stone of endurance and is known to help relieve depression and promote personal pride. I would wear when you need an extra boost.  The contrast colors make it a great style to layer and show off your confidence.

The Lace Intentions Set comes with a Rose Quartz Crystal. This stone is known as the ‘love stone' and emits a strong vibration of unconditional love, warmth and healing. In wearing this stone, you may find that you feel more balanced. This Is perfect for a date night and attracting love - from others or from within! It also aids in balancing your energy.

The Intentions Sports Bra comes with a Raw Green Kyanite stone.  This is a lovely heart chakra stone. Its main use is to bring all chakras into alignment which brings stability into your life - letting in hope, clarity and ultimately healing. This is perfect for yoga, a long walk or your favorite form of exercise!


I use a liquid detergent that is specifically made for delicates. This increases the longevity of fabric and fit.

Cool water is more gentle and will prevent shrinking. Hot water can also be damaging to elastics.

Always hang to dry - avoid the dryer!

I love Santa Maria Novella’s hand molded and decorated wax tablets.  They perfume your drawer, and give undergarments a sweet/fresh scent.


Our jersey styles are made with modal cotton which is a natural cellulose made from plants and is biodegradable.

Our Lace Intentions bra is made from a locally sourced dead stock stretch lace.  I like the idea of up-cycling and utilizing materials that already exists because it reduces waste and carbon footprint.


1.     I was turned on to kundalini yoga this past year and would have to say number one would absolutely be my daily sadhana practice. The effects of carving out time for yourself are phenomenal and promotes such good feels!

2.     Homemade body butters keep my skin glowing and moisturized.

3.     Just a few drops of Organic Jojoba Oil is a natural way to moisturize, soften and protect my hair.

4.     Kale & berry smoothies are super energizing and help to balance my diet.

5.     100% Pure Black Tea Mascara with pigment from black tea leaves and blueberries.


Treat myself to a festive mani/pedi!

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