Growing Pains

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Let’s talk about one weird, uncomfortable zone in manifestation, which is simply energetic, so it can be hard to pinpoint but if you’ve been in it, you’ll understand what I mean.

When needed, I advise my clients to remove certain things from their life to create space for what they are calling in. These can be relationships, physical items, jobs, blocks, energy and more. Or it can be the simplicity of very deep clarity that I tend to see before they do. Regardless of the nature, when one has more space that was once full (even if it was toxic or unclear clutter), this energetic zone can feel new, lonely, and uncomfortable.

Ex. Client #1. A client’s toxic romantic relationship and two close toxic friendships have to be removed while she is knee-deep in some heavy self-work to remove blocks. It may feel like a sad space but it’s an incredibly expanding and magnetic place to be. It’s simply new, a bit lonely, and right before she starts magnetizing in a few items she’s been calling in.

Additionally, once a client has been following my practice and doing the work, all of the sudden they can be flooded with more Manifested subjects than feels comfortable at that time. This can feel extremely busy and out of control. This space feels ungrounded, chaotic, and unmanageable.

Ex Client #2. A client has gotten clear, the list is perfect, she’s passed tests, has done A LOT of the work, kept the faith during The Magic Zone, and in the span of one month, 5 jobs have flooded in along with a divine “download” to start an alternative company which seems to already have momentum, funding, the space; etc.  

Now, contrary to what meets the eye, the exact same energetic and spiritual happening is occurring within both of these women. They have both stretched out of their spiritual, energetic, and coded comfort zone, therefore everything feels uneasy. They are literally growing. Looking to nature, the best analogy to describe this zone is that they are just like crabs that have outgrown their shells but haven’t quite found a new one. Both of them.

Manifestation isn’t all sunshine, rainbows, and spiritual bypass as modern New Age literature would love for you to believe. It takes grit, trust, selfishness and resilience. BUT, it certainly has an incredible payoff - with what you’ve been manifesting or greater. Or even more rewarding, meeting a stronger, more deserving, evolved, whole version of yourself that you didn’t know existed.  

It’s very hard to verbalize, identify, and navigate when you are in this space because you’re in it. That’s why I’m grateful to serve my clients and help them understand that they aren’t lonely, depressed, overwhelmed, or if they are, how to get above it and trust in it while still being patient with themselves. If you are in this, bravo! And you’re most certainly not alone.

For those looking for guidance during the exciting, personal, and delicate process of manifestation, I look forward to connecting over a session.  

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips


For those that have realized manifested subjects, drop a line with your story, or share it on Instagram #NATIVEmanifestationtribe. I have so many to share from clients that help keep the rest of us in an energy of collective magnetism and support.