NATIVE week No. 37

Meike Legler "Riding corners", 24" x 18"; mixed textiles

OBSESSING over Meike Legler's artwork. Can't pick which one I want to fill a very special wall in our home. Help!! Which do you love best? They are all extraordinary and unlike anything I've contemporarily seen! And stop-it!!! This one is named "Seeing Is Believing".  Look

Oh hey spring.

The much NEEDED next book on my reading list. 

Trust, morality, and Oxytocin. Another gem sent by Desiree Pais

I want to try

My mugs (since I get asked everyday on IG stories).

Wow, I'm really feeling this book of poems and circles. 

My intention this year is massive self-care. Therefore, today I start my 10 series of rolfing

Staples I'm wearing this season that are unisex, non-toxic and naturally dyed: Overalls, Crop (dyed in turmeric), other crop, sweatshirt (dyed in turmeric), and jacket. If you fall in love with anything, save some cash with my code FREENATIVE.

This cake recipe will make anyone's weekend.

Do yourself a favor and reintegrate your shadow.  

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips