Cleansing Dates


So Max and I are both on a cleanse. He actually inspired it with this soup one he does. As many of you know from my Instagram stories, I'm doing a modified kitchari cleanse. We're both shooting to complete two weeks (after the two weeks in NYC of eating out every meal!!)! Because we are foodies, a lot of our dates consist of dinners out, so now we are refocussing our dates to ones that support our cleanse. 

Since we first began dating, we designated four evenings a week as nights together, and three alone. This really helps us to maintain our autonomy and check in with ourselves often. It also offered designated evenings for true date nights, rather than nights that just seem to seep into other regular nights. NO, dates are VERY important to us. Even if they consist of staying in and watching Netflix, we consciously plan them. Here's what we have on the roaster this week, with a few little cleanse staples in-between. 



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