Less Waste Business

to-be-magnetic-Less Waste Work

In an effort to go less waste, I’ve become extra conscious of it in my business. I must say that this is an exciting time that allows us to use less, which for a minimalist like me, is extra rewarding. Here are some ideas to make one’s office and business a bit less wasteful from items that will end up in landfills.

GOOGLE EVERYTHING | I operate nearly everything off google. My business email, spreadsheets, documents, P & L, Balance sheet… If it’s on paper, it can go in your drive.

USED | don’t be afraid to fix or go used. My camera is on its last leg but I have a great repair shop. Once it’s toast, I’ll look into a used version of the newest and coolest. My last computer lasted seven years!

BILLS | I’ve gone “paperless” on all of my bills. For the most part, you can choose that with most companies.

E-INVOICE | I also invoice everything through Square.

AUDIO | I’m pretty notorious now for downloading and listening to most books on audio. If there’s an audio version, it’s my first choice. Yet another way to ensure that old books don’t end up in landfills. I also regret to admit that I hardly have time to read anymore. Most books are digested during all my travels via the flight and driving.

SPOTIFY | all music is streamed for me these days.

BOOK KEEPING | My friends at Canyon Coffee just turned me onto this booking keeping company.

Many of us already operate electronically; however, this is an invitation to look around your business. Less is more. Used is just as good. And there is usually an app or website alternative to paper.

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