NATIVE Spring Obsessions

free-and-native-One Gun Ranch Malibu

My spring staples (and a few things on my manifestation list...)

i. I'm coveting this manageable straw hat to protect my skin.

ii. Obsessed with ALL things True Botanicals. I can't believe it's taken me this long to try. The packaging is beautiful, they are the first products to be certified "Made Safe", the smell takes you back to a victorian garden, and each product is easy to use and incredibly effective. The three featured above were elements missing in my skin routine. Starting with the perfect vitamin C boost to protect against pollution and free radicals.

iii. I'm coveting this straw purse to use for EVERYTHING this spring. To tote on travels and carry me through the day to day. 

iv. AT LAST! One Gun Ranch has released their cookbook! This cookbook is the bible for biodynamic farming and farm to table recipes. It's next level, stunning, and really steps up the farm recipe game. A must on everyone's shelf.

v. Just picked up this cotton shirt number to wear over all shorts and skirts this season.

vi. The lactic acid exfoliant mask that everyone is missing from their facial routine. Incredibly gentle and effective. 

vii. I'm coveting these stunning meditation pillows.

viii. The wallet that carries the day to day for me!

ix. Ahhhh! We're planning a trip to Morocco.

x. The jumper I'll wear everyday this spring.

xi. The best exfoliant grans to toss into your cleanser nightly to gently slough off dead skin. 

xii. I'm preparing for something secret and special, therefore I'm on a strict paleo, auto-immune, gut healing protocol for four months. This is the bible for that. No nuts, soy, grains, dairy, nightshades, sugar or seeds (potential allergies that overstimulate the immune system). Just a whole log of protein, vegetables (starchy too), fruit, bone broth, gelatin, coconut yogurt, and all other gut healing supplements.

xiii. My friend GEM + REMEDY introduced me to this incredible kite company that is completely sustainable, works with artists, and created this kite as a meditation. Now that the weather is nice, I'm going to start adding it to my outdoor meditative experiences. I mean, it's just beautiful in person. The totem of freedom.

xix. Wow!!! This shampoo is completely aiding the growth of my hair by removing all the old dead skin. It's like a shampoo and a body scrub had a baby. Not to mention that it's fermented botanicals. A must!

xx. The ultimate everything spring tote. You can see I'm really into woven pieces right now. 

xxi. Because I'm limited to coconut high-quality dairy alternatives, this mango coconut yogurt has completely stollen my heart. ADDICTED!

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