NATIVE Week No 35

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I sat down with Genetic to chat about manifestation, keeping your energy strong, how to stay autonomous, and more. 

What? Jesse Kamm has a tailored straight jean now!!!

Double what? Canyon Coffee has a decaf now!!!!!

YAYAY, my breathwork teacher, Lauren Spencer King, is gearing up to do another digital 10 day chakra breathwork meditation workshop on March 25. It's affordable and magic. 

Been giving this new podcast a listen. I think you guys might be into it. 

The smoothie I've been drinking on my cleanse. 

Zero Waste safe sex.

A client introduced me to this documentary on epigenetics and inherited trauma and stress in utero. 

First thing I'm making when I break my cleanse.

Chakra seed mantra chants.

After all the requests, I'm finally offering early evening manifestation sessions hours on Thursdays to my community. 

Photo | Monroe Alvarez

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips