Daydream is a contemporary abstraction of a surf shop that takes on all the preconceived notions of a traditional surf shop and offers a high-quality specialty coffee bar serving Sightglass coffee. Nestled on the boarder of Costa Mesa and Newport Beach, Daydream is hidden away in an industrial neighborhood in a 2,500 square foot warehouse offering a mix of home goods, books, new & vintage clothing, and a members based surf club. The founders, Becca Mantei and Kyle Kennelly, place a particular focus on sourcing socially responsible vendors and beautiful vintage clothing in an effort to guide their customers to make ethical consumption decisions. The two owners are long time lovers who met in Newport Beach before moving to the Bay Area to attend college; afterwards, the two garnered inspiration and brought their new perspectives back home to share with their friends and loved ones through their shop.


B: I’m an Aquarius and Kyle is a Capricorn. Our shop wouldn’t exist without his insane work ethic! His attention to detail really comes in handy in terms of specialty coffee where consistency is the key.

K: And the shop wouldn’t be able to roll with the crazy randomness that it does without Becca’s Aquarian ability to stay on her toes.


K: It’s difficult to figure out what you want to do with your life especially when we live in a culture that initiates young people to conform to societal standards of what success is defined as rather than encouraging folks to listen to themselves and pursue what makes them happy. Daydream was actually a visualization practice that I used to create a light at the end of what seemed like a never-ending tunnel of darkness. I had just graduated college and was holding my first “real” job working for J.P. Morgan and absolutely hated it. I was not only suffering mentally but my body was having physical reactions to stress and sever sleep deprivation. All of these physical and mental reactions disappeared within days after leaving J.P. Morgan. I realized the necessity of listening to myself, and continued to meditate on this vision of a cultural watering hole that integrated our philosophies on conscious consumerism.


K: The main intention behind the shop is to bring likeminded folks together. Following closely behind that was the intention to inspire other young people to follow their entrepreneurial aspirations, especially young people living in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa. We have this tiny little corner of Westside Costa Mesa that has so much potential, all of these warehouse are like blank canvasses for creatives to paint a new borough the way they want it to look rather than being charged an arm and a leg for renting a space in a strip mall. Another important intention was to bring awareness to coffee as a specialty item that is supposed to be treated like a fine wine, with great attention paid to the process and procedures from bean to cup. Orange County has really been behind the eight ball in terms of developing a specialty coffee culture. We are hoping that we can help serve as an outpost for specialty coffee in Orange County and have been so grateful for all the amazing folks we’ve met along the way.


B: Baths and getting enough sleep.  My body shuts down if I don’t get enough sleep. I am also a horrible morning person. It takes me a while to really wake up and get going. Kyle and I have a really great agreement, I get to sleep in a couple extra hours while he opens the shop at 7:30am, and when I get to the shop a little later in the morning he gets to take a surf break. It’s seriously the best thing in the world to work with my best friend and long-time love every day. 


B: Our shop! Meditating on every little tiny detail really helped bring the whole thing together. It still blows my mind that it’s a real place that real people come to. 

Also, after I had a manifestation session with Lacy about a year ago she had said to write down a couple little things that I wanted to bring into my life that wasn't a part of the shop. That next weekend I saw a lady at a flea market that had on the cutest pair of floral vintage leggings, (they sound weird but they were really cool), so I wrote them on my list. I tried to find them everywhere: vintage stores, flea markets, Etsy, eBay etc… and I couldn't find them anywhere. I seriously searched for a solid two months. I gave up my search and released the idea of the leggings to the universe. Two nights after that, I went to a clothing swap and the exact same pair that I saw the lady wearing at the flea market were there - same color and same pattern!!! Even stranger, the next day when I went into work, in the back, was another pair, and they were on sale!


B: Vintage sweatshirts/t-shirts, Cardigans, 501’s or Kamm pants, Overalls & Clogs. 

K: My uniform every season: button down, pants, shoes, and maybe a sweater.


K: I’d say my main inspirations are the surfers of the late 1960’s and early 70’s, who's style and creativity really reflected mindfulness and pacifism. I think that time in surfing history is really interesting because it was a social representation of the civil rights movements that were taking place at the time. 

B: I am so inspired by our neighborhood of Westside Costa Mesa. Our shop is in the middle of industrial warehouses, and all around us are new and creative businesses popping up. Westside is turning into a rad cultural hub and it is so exciting to be a part of pioneering our neighborhood into something meaningful that brings our community together.


· Kundalini Yoga: There’s nothing that makes me feel more relaxed and energized than an incredible Kundalini session. I really feel like I can sense the big picture in life and have a higher tolerance for situations that would’ve otherwise been stressful. 

· Spending time at the beach. Surfing is one of the most grounding things you can do. When you are surfing it’s almost impossible to think of anything other than being in the moment. It really forces you to be incredibly present. Even if you’re not into surfing, breathing in the salty sea air and putting your feet in the ocean will keep you feeling grounded. 

· A spritz of Sisters of the West’s Purificar spray. This room spray smells just like the misty coast of Big Sur and always finds a way to calm me down and elevate the vibes. It’s made with all natural ingredients including California Sagebrush, Incense Cedar, and Mugwort. 

· A really good pour over. There’s nothing better than good cup of coffee to make you feel at home. We’ve been really vibing on Sightglass’ single origin from Honduras Finca Salomé farm. All of Sightglass’ offerings are grown organically and long term direct trade relations are held with the farms.



One of the coolest specialty coffee shops in the area is Hopper & Burr located in Santa Ana. For breakfast there are three delicious places that are all located on the same street: Haute Cakes, Kit, and Café Gratitude. For lunch and dinner there’s a great fish market called Bear Flag that serves up delicious and sustainable fish. There’s an epic restaurant and bar called The Boathouse Collective that has amazing food and cocktails and there is live music playing there almost every night. 


Costa Mesa Ceramics - one of my closest friends from high school opened a beautiful ceramics studio two blocks from our shop. She offers a range of rad classes and workshops. 

Costa Mesa Conceptual Art Center - if you want to check out some lovely art I would definitely add the CMCAC to your list.  

Crystal Cove - get off the grid a little bit and check out this beautiful California state park, there’s lovely nature trails down to the beaches, great places to swim around and relax in the ocean, and the El Moro Canyon Trail that you can hike for miles. 


Manifestation with Lacy Phillips