True Botanicals • Founder Hillary Peterson


You guys have heard me rave about True Botanicals since first trying the brand last month. My eyes had been on the company for quite some time as I was exceptionally drawn to the branding and packaging. Once they arrived, the product itself far surpassed my initial visual interest.

As a general PSA, True Botanicals is the first brand to be certified "Made Safe", the whole line smells like a Victorian garden of orange blossoms, and WHOA is it effective. My favorite products are: Hydrating Cleanser Renew, Radiance Oil Renew, Vitamin C Booster, Polishing Grains, Resurfacing Moisture Mask, and Nutrient Mist Renew.  Each have become a staple in my routine, so I thought it best to have, founder and President, Hillary Peterson tell you why this line isn’t like anything else on the green beauty shelves. Trust me, you'll see the difference. 


I’m a Taurus. I think it might take a Taurus to create meaningful change in our industry – we don’t give up!


After my treatment for thyroid cancer, I started to learn about the potential for toxic exposure through everyday products. Research, such as the EWG’s umbilical cord blood study, was confirming that much of what goes onto your skin is absorbed into your body. It was really shocking to me! I had always been very careful about what I put in my body but it had never occurred to me that I should be equally careful about what I put on it. I started looking at the labels on the products in my bathroom and I was extremely disappointed by what I saw. I knew I needed to make a drastic change.


Once I discovered that most of the products that I was using were full of endocrine disruptors and toxic ingredients, I started looking for cleaner products.  The options for safe, potent and proven products were slim. That felt wrong to me, so I decided that I had to do something about it.  It has been so rewarding to set a higher bar for beauty with True Botanicals. Our personal care routines should be transformative and safe - for humans as well as the environment.


For me, it always comes back to our Pure Radiance Oil, Renew. I don’t know a single person who has tried it and not been amazed by how their skin evolved over just a few weeks.  In fact, we got such consistent rave reviews about it that we eventually decided to test it in a clinical trial against the iconic Crème de La Mer. The results? Our Renew Oil outperformed Crème de la Mer across every category, from fine line reduction to moisturization. It was so rewarding to have this proof that we really can create incredibly effective products without any harmful toxins.

The Pure Radiance Oil, Clear is also a favorite. We recently just tested our Clear collection against Proactiv+, and similarly found that our anti-acne line outperforms that toxin-filled industry standard. As you can imagine, this was pretty exciting news for us. I know from personal experience how discouraging and painful it can be to deal with adult acne. It feels so good to hear from customers whose skin - and overall outlook – has been drastically changed with our Clear line.

Finally, I am addicted to our shampoo. It took two full years to develop a clean shampoo that lathers and smells amazing, but it was worth the wait.  Like all of our products, it is certified safe for humans and the environment by a rigorous third party certification program (called Made Safe). When I was developing this product, I had the hardest time getting my then-teenage daughters to use a non-toxic shampoo. I would bring different ones home and later find the toxic ones snuck back into their showers. But, they love (and actually use) ours, which I consider to be the ultimate compliment. It means a lot to me to please my toughest critics!


Oh, I would have to say first and foremost, my marriage and my children.  My husband and my kids amaze me and I am so grateful to share this journey with them.  I am also proud to look around my office, at the beautiful products that we are creating, at the incredible people who work here and at how much they care about our mission.  It is a wonderful way to spend my days.  I feel so lucky.


Isak Dinesen said: “The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea”. I am a huge fan of all three.  My favorite thing to do on vacation is swim in the ocean.  It is so grounding and restorative.  When I am not near the ocean, a dead sea salt bath followed by our Nourishing Body Oil and Pure Radiance Oil is so calming and nourishing. 


To start, we would have to meet at our shop in Mill Valley so that you could stock up on the perfect products for your skin type; including our Everyday Sheer Coverage because we would spend the rest of the day hiking.  Next, we would take my favorite hike thorough the Redwoods and then up to the top of Mt Tam.  The views along the way are amazing and really give you a perfect Bay Area overview.  You would see all three bridges and the bay from several perspectives.  We would finish with drinks and a delicious locally sourced meal from Mill Valley Beerworks.  The next day, we would experience the bay up close by taking the ferry from Sausalito to the city and then we would probably have to go to Hayes Valley for lunch at Souvla, followed by a trip to the new SF MOMA to see the Matisse/Diebenkorn exhibit.  Sounds fun - I think that you need to visit!

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