NATIVE week No. 41


The podcast episode that every woman needs to listen to!!! Meredith Baird Figone just introduced me to this one and I can't wait to listen to EVERY episode. 1. Also, due to it, I'm feeling great about my cycle habits. 2. I'm going to give up panties when I wear skirts. 

My spring shoe

Mantak Chia everything (on sexual alchemy).

I had my eye on you. Update, I ran out and got this one yesterday. 

Whoa, to this easy cake

Obsessed. Even cooler in person. 

How our immune system drives social preference

Portlanders, have you been to this place yet? Can I transport now? Can't wait to try. 

It's feeling awfully summery here lately. Also, I'm very drawn to this but can't tell if I'd actually wear it. 

An excellent exhibit to check out if you're in LA. The work is extra vibrational with reiki and layered symbolism in every piece. 

Next book on my list. 

Digging this new Insta

At long last, per many requests, I've finally created the digital version of my UNBLOCKED class, which will be a ten day online workshop centering on reclaiming denied aspects of self and reintegrating them back in order to create your whole, confident self - the ultimate form of magnetism in way of your Manifestation practice. You can now tune in from anywhere in the world. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips