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As The Universe tends to do, I randomly met Sadie Adam's sister at an event in NYC at Sky Ting Yoga a week before receiving my facial from Sadie in her sweet TAKE CARE space in Santa Monica. Nothing could prepare me for this spiritual force of nature. I’d go so far as to say that Sadie is known throughout the industry as the microcurrent whisperer – among many other things. Her loyal cult client following, comprised of supermodels and actors, reflects this with an unspoken knowing. Let’s not even focus on how incredible my skin looked after just one treatment of microcurrent and SONAGE skincare. (You know one of those facials where you keep walking by the mirror at home, and fawning over how fresh, even, and glowing your face looks). This was just a bonus of the treatment, honestly.

Sadie offers much more. Her frequency is so incredibly strong. I like it to standing in a room with five human-sized amethysts. Her energy literally took my breath away in such a powerful way. Her depth of knowledge regarding the nervous system and anatomy in general blew me away. And her deeply profound spiritual teachings and perspective is vast and refreshing in today’s surface-level spiritual temperature. Let’s get into to it! Warrior Facial and all!


Capricorn. Slow and steady


My journey into consciousness arose from chronic discomfort throughout my body and within my own skin. The quest for peace brought me deep into yoga technologies and regenerative studies, primarily Ayurvedic medicine and Body-Mind Centering (embodied developmental anatomy, including embryology).

The embryology shows us a connection between meditation and esthetics in that the nervous system and skin arise from the same germ layer.  Our ability to be relational, contained, clear and coherent is reflected in these tissues. The skin is a main interface between our internal processes and that of the world beyond self. It relates to the membranes of the cells in the body, which through their receptor sights, influence the fluids and our perception of reality.


Microcurrent is a subtle electrical current developed into a treatment for the purpose of regenerating tissue and tissue function. Employed by mainstream and alternative medical practitioners to help counteract symptoms from Bell’s palsy, stroke and to speed up recovery from burns and injuries, it triggers the production of amino acids and Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) accelerating cell repair and promoting healthy cell production by bringing forth functional and available energy. Estheticians apply microcurrent to the face to re-pattern muscles and increase collagen with both immediate and cumulative results.  


I have observed microcurrent supporting people in very different, and sometimes, in delightfully surprising ways! A technique so deeply supportive and empowering that also offers cosmetic benefits without injuring tissue, is usually in full alignment with intentions for self-love, accountability and graceful aging. To the question, it is very possible to move stagnate or blocked energy, clarify pathways, and process unresolved thoughts, feeling and emotions with the support applied microcurrent.

It works to stimulate and even build circulatory and sub-circulatory pathways that are connected throughout the whole body (in all of the tissues and organs). Inducing deep relaxation and clarity through the many reflexology and marma points in the face, it can be a whole-body treatment.

Because it works on a sub-sensory level it can directly influence the fluids and cells allowing the fluids to inform the nervous system for integrating, re-patterning and re-educating areas that are not in alignment.

As I mentioned, the skin relates to the nervous system developmentally.  Elementally, the skin relates to wind, which governs the heart center (energetically). Our skin also relates to the cell membrane and by way of deep support, microcurrent can help to clarify cell membranes, bringing forth a mind-state of presence and possibility.

I see this technology as a tool in self-discovery, empowerment and transformation, well beyond its direct actions on a person’s physiology.


First off, thank you for the reflection. We are all spiritual beings and teachers for one another. Being and educator is one of the most significant blessings in my life in that it gives so many opportunities for integration and learning.

Ground Space Meditation is an experiential exploration of physiology and practice.

The ground, from which all manifest arises, is space that holds information. Each of us, with a unique way of interpreting our connection with nature, can work with intention to cultivate awareness by deepening our listening skills and clarifying our choices in participation and perception. This council supports those interested in becoming more grounded while increasing their capacity to abide in space.

The ground space meditation circles are held three times a week: in Venice, Santa Monica, and Culver City. I also offer private sessions in ground space meditation, wisdom transmission and embodiment.

The movement classes offer opportunities for embodiment transmission and education in developmental anatomy as relevant to our adult bodies and our function in the world.

I offer a circle once a week that is in support of facilitators of any kind. Anatomy workshops and self-care workshops include the WARRIOR’S FACIAL, a very potent and deeply empowering self-care ritual inspired by accounts of ancient warriors employing a self-massage designed to release trauma after battle and before sleeping. I share this venerable method by introducing various embodiment practices including cellular awareness, cellular breathing and differentiation of tissue in consciousness and touch. This self-administered healing facial is learned while holding questions around what it might mean, and feel like, to transcend the drama cycle and release the idea of war, to process stress, and to recognize peace as well as the potentiality of loading intention into tissue once stagnant energy is cleared.

Warriors need war. This class is designed as a ritual to release stressful habits and to move beyond the victim/perpetrator/rescuer illusion.

All of the classes, circles, and private sessions are co-created and interactive.

Nurturing those exploring natural beauty, calm presence & authentic self- expression. By becoming more fully present with ourselves we can heal apprehensions about aging and regenerate our culture's natural sense of diversity, evolution and beauty.


The various brick and mortar manifestations of my projects have each manifested through will and vision, against many odds and limitations.

The Take Care storefronts, Take Care Center for Body Mind Regeneration in the East Village and its current incarnation as Take Care Face & Body in the West Village.

And in Santa Monica, The Ground Space for Meditation & Movement with Take Care in the back, where we are designing a comprehensive advanced education training for meditation and movement.


SONAGE is a women owned and operated company, with one of the highest ratings on the Environmental Working Group Cosmetic Ingredient Safety Scale. Dedicated to providing cutting edge skin care while looking out for mother earth, they offer a robust line of products with effective, natural and sustainable ingredients (including healing botanical oils and active plant enzymes).

They manufacture in small batches to ensure quality and ability to incorporate new research, breakthroughs and practices into their products. So, they are constantly evolving, improving and they really care about their clients and the environment.

SONAGE teaches self-care and has many online resources for people who don’t make it into the spa, they even offer a “mini at home facial kit”.  There is so much we can do for ourselves and I love that SONAGE takes care to outreach in this way.

The two masks I debut at Take Care this month (in the Detox Stem Cell Facial you experienced) were a total dream!

Patagonia Berry Stem Cell Mask

Pom Crush Detox Mask


The ocean / Surfing

Laserine botanical salve from Sonage for my lips and cuticles                    

Meditation / silence                                                                                   

Earth / rocks stones crystals / communing 

Discovery / learning / development

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips