NATIVE week No. 42


CAP Beauty took a peek into my fridge. Check out the article for the latest on my gut journey. 

Utterly obsessed with these Bed Peace hemp sheets.

I'm an Upholder and Rebel. What are you guys? I love her research on habits.

I predict that the Kansa Ayurveda face wand is the new "everything" in green beauty that everyone will have. A video on it.


For real, what are your thoughts on The Medical Medium? IDK... I can't quite buy in. 

Another woven bag, because apparently I can never have too may. 

I made this last week but subbed homemade raw coconut mylk instead. Drool. 

Everyone has read this right? Just digging in. 

Dana James just introduced me to this incredible insurance provider that covers a lot of functional doctors, tests, and alternative measures. If you don't follow her, it really is a must!

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips