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In my practice, I say repeatedly that nothing is more magnetic than authenticity. Truly nothing! Because we were each put on this earth with a completely unique cellular make-up, and an even more unique spirit and soul, we also have a very divine, unique reason why we are here. So, this post is an addendum to Monday’s Expanders™ post, as I want to clarify that it wasn't licensing to be inspired and recreate what your Expanders™ are doing. Quite the opposite in fact, so I want to make sure that I’m setting people up for a path of magnetism; For what we're inspired about others is an invitation to dig out the essence and then cultivate our own authentic version of it. For instance, if I’m inspired by Oprah’s influence, it’s reflecting to me the unrecognized influence in me needing to be integrated and expanded. The unique influence that I'm capable of no matter what path I choose in life. It doesn’t mean copy/emulate Oprah’s path in order to get where Oprah is. That will only end in failure. Maybe even mild success but it will never go too far. I know from personal experience and I see it in my practice.

Sadly, our society fosters a “one-size-fits-all” - born, go to school, go to college, work these x amount of socially approved jobs, and die. We are given very little guidance of how to tap into our own authentic purpose (essence). In fact, it’s still considered woo woo to ask yourself, “what is my purpose?” Let alone be given a roadmap.

So I get it. There is no higher-than-thou here because we’ve all done it. I’ve been guilty of it when I was insecure about how to navigate my own path. Nobody has showed us how to tap into our own authentic expression, purpose, job, and way of doing things, therefore what else are we supposed to do but look around and see what the people we admire are doing and then copy it? It feels instinctual but that is because nobody has taught us the right way to approach this. 

I have to course correct clients on this all the time in order to get their manifestations flowing. A personal, owned, and integrated example. When I first started this blog, I didn’t have any frame of reference. I had people out there that I admired but nobody that I knew of that was holding down the “modern” holistic space. They were either very fitness, granola, ethereal, or cutesy. I really had to go off my gut instincts. And there is no coincidence that initially it flowed very easily and very quickly due to following my gut, for people were being magnetized towards my authenticity.

But then I would get blinded by what other people seemed to be doing that seemed to bring them more success quicker. Especially the more my world and community grew within my wellness peers. I was divinely guided into creating this space but I really had no idea how to navigate the blog and wellness world after, so I’d simply look around and do exactly what others that I admired were doing. Try what they were up to on for size. Not only did it fit poorly, but it always failed me. It never garnered more success. The Universe was literally blocking me from copied success, for I’m not meant to be like anyone else. This was protection and guidance so that I could step into my authenticity to really do what I’m doing now, which is unlike anyone else. I know that because everything I do is downloaded to me through intuition. And I’m SO grateful for that. I would have never arrived in this work if I hadn’t learned that lesson over and over again, and how to only tune-into what is being channeled through me.

My integrity is so deep now that I keep my head down, blinders on, and I don’t watch what anyone else is up to. In fact, if I think that another’s career and mine parallel in the slightest, I’ll unfollow them from social media to ensure that I’m not even subconsciously impeding on their intellectual property and ideas. Furthermore, it’s interesting once we make this clear intention to step into deep, unique authenticity, our bodies won’t even allow us to energetically remain close to someone we feel psychic or intellectual trespassing from. 

The moment I sense others recreating aspects or full-blown elements of my work, the boundary goes straight up because I know where the energy is coming from. A desperate attempt to grasp onto something outside of themselves, or grab onto another’s energy. And I don’t want to enable that because I ultimately know how much that is going to limit them and take them off of their path of flow.

I made a very conscious decision to completely let copying go after year one. And then I decided to tap into what worked, how, when and why for me? It is ALWAYS authenticity.


INSIDE | When it comes to manifestation, and magnetizing one’s success, it’s never outside of you. Ever. In fact, copying dims your magnetisms as you are communicating to The Universe that you don’t have utter confidence in what you’re doing, and that you don’t trust The Universe. Don’t worry, we all usually learn this the hard way.

PINGS | Your authentic flow, path to follow, and steps to take are being communicated to you daily through intuitive pings. Are you tapping in and listening to them? What has brought me the quickest results and success in my career is when I follow the pings I get. Now, I only rely on them. I never write a blog story unless it’s been “pinged” to me. Essentially channeled through me. I never begin a new social media campaign, or a new blog series, or anything new unless they have been pinged to me.

Pings come in the form of quick little downloads that show you, “do this”. They are light quick flashes that are sometimes only clues that you simply have to say yes to. No matter how scary. This is literally your path to magnetizing success. It couldn’t be simpler. When you ask The Universe for guidance, or specifically, “what is my thing”, LISTEN to all pings. They will light the way. My Manifestation Formula and work came that way, NATIVE Week Round Up's came that way, #NATIVEmanifestationtribe came that, and shooting way back, starting this blog and the name of this blog (and so on and so forth) have all been channeled pings.

If you never looked outside of yourself again, and simply follow pings everywhere, your life will be the most magical flow. This is literally The Universe divinely guiding you.

HIDING | if things don’t seem to be flowing when following pings, it’s important to start detecting which ways you are still subconsciously hiding and not wanting to be seen by the world, and how to use tools to expose, own, and integrate them. If this is the case, it’s important to do the next UNBLOCKED class.


CREDIT | If someone has shown me a new product, or book, or thing worth sharing with you guys, I make sure to credit who introduced me.

PROCESS | If I’m inspired by someone’s process or approach, I will respectfully get in touch and ask if they mind if I do my own authentic version of it. For instance, my breathwork teacher held a beautiful digital 10-day chakra and crystal breathwork workshop, and I LOVED the model she used in order to service people all over the world who otherwise wouldn’t have access. Though mine will be nothing like hers and an entirely different subject matter with entirely different tools, I called her to tell her how much I admire her process, how she inspired me with this concept, and if she’d feel energetic trespassing if I were to create one completely different form hers using the same platform and model? Because I have so much integrity around this, I openly let her know that if it brings her any discomfort at all, I’d drop the idea like a hot rock. For her, being acknowledged, asked, and respected was enough to give me permission.

Expanders™ are not to be copied. It will never work and it will take you further and further away from your path of success. They are simply invitations as to what might be suffocating in yourself that is ready to emerge, blossom, integrate; and most importantly they are to expand your belief system as to what is possible for you. If you are inspired by what another in your field is doing - say their offering - It isn’t because you are meant to copy and begin offering the same thing. It is an invitation that there is an offering inside of you that is unique – unlike anyone else - and asking to be seen, integrated, and expanded.


If you happen to be on the other side of getting copied, know that those trespassing on your work, lifestyle, style, words, psychic boundaries, and life will soon tire and move onto something or someone else. Trust me, I've been single-white-femaled my whole life. I'm only sensitive to it around my work because it is so personal to me.

Bravo for following your true authenticity because this is magnetism in its finest. How does it feel to be so magnetic, so whole, so authentic? Also know that since you are an original being, you will continue to come up with new originality over and over for you are a creator. Forgive the copier and love their shadow, for you too have copied at some point, but do not support the copier. You are not helping them by supporting. You are enabling and further derailing them from their unique path. Create distance, so that they can find the quietness to begin tapping into their authenticity (and find their way back to it).

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