NATIVE Week No. 43


You guys!!!! The auto immune protocol I'm doing has significantly shifted my hormones. Before starting, I couldn't even have cacao, juice, dates or kombucha as they were too stimulating for my adrenals, and blood sugar spiking. I'm back on kombucha and juice with no crashes or spikes. It's amazing. So I see this recipe in my future (three months from now) when I reintroduce eggs and cacao!! 

Welp, CAP Beauty sure knows how to set the tone for my weekend. I'm going to soak in this, burn this, and eat this when I can have cacao again (hiding it from Max)!!!!!

Heart eye emoji x 100

Stone ground coconut butter (by the spoonful in our house). 

Ohhhh. I have my eye on this workshop

My shea butter obsession continues. This is my new staple.

Spotted this cool spring in CAP's Instagram.

Having grown up around addiction with everyone on my maternal's side, I couldn't be more in alignment with his thoughts on the root cause. 100%.

Grandma Sue's vintage spiritual library is just really rocking my world right now.  

Double yes to this show!

The Cookbook everyone is on about. 

We have just announced my In-Person NYC July Sessions. They're going rather quickly. Excited to see you guys. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips