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I met Emily L'Ami in the most synergistic way, for I had been a longtime admirer and collector of Bodha Modern Wellness. My gateway started with their stunningly designed Ritual Incense Holder, which I picked up in Ojai two years ago. Anyway, fast forward to spring of last year when Max and I were scoping out some vintage goods at The Long Beach Flea Market, when none-other than Emily and her husband Fred walked up and introduce themselves. I've been completely smitten with them ever since.

Bodha has become my go-to for my favorite cashmere eye pillow, the Ground Incense I burn three times a day, and especially their stunningly designed Ritual Oil Diffuser, which you're sure to smell anytime you come over for a session or class. Meet the light behind these incredible creations.  




I’d always wanted to do something I believe in & I’ve always been fascinated by the power of scent. I love the way scent instantly brings you back to yourself, the connection to memory, and the fact it’s our most powerful sense. After studying aromatherapy, and then natural perfumery, I wanted to find a way to bring them together so I created Bodha - a brand dedicated to the art & science of therapeutic perfumery.


To help people reconnect through beautiful scented rituals.


The history of incense in Japan is so deep. Recipes & techniques are handed down through generations, and there’s even incense ceremony masters. When we decided we wanted to make Japanese style incense it took us over a year just to find someone who would work with us. So when a customer wrote to say she’d travelled all through Japan trying incense and liked ours the best, it was pretty awesome!


Our Ritual Oil Diffuser because I know how much love and time went into it.  We wanted to create a piece you’d be proud to display in your home so we approached world-renowned product designer Jamie McLellan and luckily he agreed to work with us! The process of developing, testing and refining the diffuser took two years and over that time Jamie became a really close friend. We also ended up with a beautiful sculptural diffuser that gently scents your space with botanical oils and will last a lifetime.


Moving to L.A. and starting Bodha two years ago! Before that we were living in Sydney, my first business wasn’t working, I was struggling after losing my dad, and overall we just weren’t happy. We knew we needed a BIG change, so we moved to L.A. and I finally followed my passion for natural scent and started Bodha! It was really hard work and lonely at first but things started clicking from day one. Now we have a wonderful community of super inspiring friends, we love this city & I feel like I’m finally doing what I’m meant to do!


The Secret Life of Scent by Mandy Aftel

Move Aside Mr. Ford by (the lovely) Klein Agency

The Polishing Mirror by Ram Dass


Swims in the ocean

Hikes in the canyons

Working with essential oils

Cooking for people I love

Time with friends


Day #1 we’d have porridge waffles and a nut milk coffee at Gjusta, ride bikes around Venice, have ceviche tostadas at the La Isla Bonita food truck, hike in the Topanga canyons, and have dinner at The Old Place.

Day #2 we’d have crispy rice bowls and a chicory cloud at Sqrl, peruse the best cacti at Hot Cactus, hike up to the Griffith Observatory, go for a martini at the Sunset Tower and finish with dinner at The Chateau for some old school L.A. time.

Photo | Fred L'Ami  

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