NATIVE Week No. 40


To learn my nickname, my new diet, body practices, and the new art form I'm undertaking, check out this interview on me up on Plain Alchemy. 

Great podcast episode on aging.

Next book on my reading list. 

A cool unisex brand by clean make up artist Gloria Noto. Here is the lip and cheek that all the wellness ladies are wearing. 

Wait!! have you guys heard of groovy stickers that actually change your energetic frequency? Sort of like tattoos having a baby with binaural beats. 

Sweater I wear daily. 

Everyone uses this cycle app? I do.

With so many planets going retrograde, give this a listen

On my Manifestation list. I have a big credit at the store but I'm trying to be less waste by going secondhand. Agrrr. You can see why it's on my list! Let's let The Universe figure it out. 


Currently planning our trip to Paris, London, Marrakesh/Morocco, and NYC in June. Drop an email with all your Marrakesh/Morocco tips!!! And any wellness must do's in Paris and London. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips