NATIVE Week No. 45


It's so heartwarming to hear from my clients that partook in my Breathwork Teacher's last online workshop. One reported that her heart chakra completely unblocked. And another had lasting noticeably deep intuition. This next one of Lauren's couldn't have arrived at a more perfect time for me. Thank you Universe. I'm so glad we partake in these as community!

The natural tinted spf that I can't stop putting on my face. O B S E S S E D. (also with their Remarkable Retinal Serum). EWG certified and brilliant! 

Relatable slimming and diet tricks

Organe Blossom Pistachio Mylk. Out of this new cookbook. 

The new Amazon show that makes me wish it were a Netflix show so that I could binge watch it. 

An important and comforting step-by-step series on dealing with depression. 

Obsessed with Devendra Banhart's book collection

Knee deep into my late grandmother's vintage astrology book. Such a fun and easy to digest read. 

This was on my "list" in tan. It was just generously gifted to me in black. I'm over the moon!!! The perfect summer travel staple. 

Healing gold body oil recipe.

So many of you have been emailing and asking: you can still absolutely hop in with us in UNBLOCKED until May 16th. You move at your own pace. It's been a pretty tense and unveiling experience so far. We'd love to have you. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips