Today nutritionist, plant-based chef, and yoga teacher Kate McCabe of Soulful Health shares five high vibe foods that can help to elevate anyone's spiritual practice. As you can see, I imbibe in all of them. Kate is extra special as she has a background in mental health, psychology and emotional balance, so I dig everything she has to say. I'll let Kate take it away...

K • What we eat is so intimately connected to how we feel - on every level and in every realm. Though modern medicine denotes otherwise, what we put into our bodies affects far more than just our physical health + appearance. Because the gut is constantly in contact with our nervous + endocrine systems, what ends up in our digestive system fuels not just the body, but also the mind (and beyond). Each time we sit down (or more realistically, stand/walk/drive/work) and eat something, we are contributing to how we will feel in the coming minutes, hours, and days on yes, a physical level, but also just as directly + powerfully in our emotional, cognitive, hormonal, and spiritual realms. 

Chances are, if you’re reading this beautifully modern yet cosmic + esoteric Journal, you have a firm grasp on the whole mind-body connection as it relates to diet. Yet so many of us fall short in our understanding and implementation of this connection as it relates to our spirituality. Because spirituality is viewed as intangible, conceptual, and beyond the physical realm, it can appear to “function” independently of the body + mind. And while I agree with that to a degree, we have to understand that our souls are currently housed in these physical forms and how we feel in our mind + body when we sit down to meditate, practice yoga, pray, breathe, and/or manifest will affect our ability to tap into our Higher Selves and connect with our spiritual practice. 

Below, I’ve detailed the five foods that I have found to be most effective in aligning mind-body-spirit so that when we choose to connect + engage with our spiritual practice of choice, we feel ready to do so. Eaten in isolation or within a meal, use these tried-and-true foods to support the elevation of consciousness, direction of attention inward, and connection with Self. 

ORGANIC GREENS | Leafy green vegetables are by far the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, and there really is no way around them if you are seeking true health. The original ‘superfoods’. No matter what dietary practices you choose to abide by, greens must be the foundation of your diet for optimal mind-body functioning. Fresh greens (in addition to any fresh fruit or vegetable) are living foods with a high energetic vibration that will be felt within the body. I am far from a raw vegan, but there’s no denying the subtle buzz of energy felt from eating live foods. Greens in particular are high in fiber, filled to the brim with digestive enzymes, and virtually devoid of sugar, which will ensure your gut stays healthy, protect against stagnant energy in the digestive system, and stabilize blood sugar levels. This results in a body + mind free from digestive discomfort (hellllo meditation distraction) and pulsating with the mood-enhancing energy of live plant enzymes. 

FAT | The unsung hero of thriving mental health. High-quality sources of dietary fat enhance mood, improve short- and long-term memory, reduce a myriad of mental health imbalances (anxiety, depression, ADHD, insomnia), increase ability to focus, and elevate energy levels. A healthy serving of fat prior to getting down to your spiritual practice will keep the conscious mind balanced and free from distractions and discomfort. A few of my go-to options: coconut oil, coconut butter, nut + seed butters, yogurt, activated nuts + seeds, avocado, ghee, and tallow. 

FERMENTS | As I briefly mentioned above, the gut and mind are inextricably connected, with information passing back-and-forth between the two systems at all times. By bringing balance to our gut and digestive system, we simultaneously reduce feelings of distress and anxiety via our hormonal signaling system. This results in a greater sense of groundedness, connection, and general wellbeing - making for a really lovely spiritual practice mindset. 

REISHI | There’s a wide array of adaptogenic herbs + mushrooms to support elevated consciousness and each of us are bound to have our individual preferences, but I find reishi in particular to be an exceptional spirituality conduit. Revered as the herb of “spiritual potency” in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed to nourish the spirit and deepen our connection with Self/Source. Reishi is a deeply calming herb, working to reduce cortisol levels within the body, stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, and induce a state of relaxed focus. 

ORMUS | By far the headiest of the list. Ormus elements are a grouping of minerals believed to resonate with the primal, intrinsic energy of all life and to actually already exist within the brain in small amounts. When ormus is ingested, it is said to expand and elevate this preexisting (though sometimes unstimulated) level of consciousness, resulting in expanded awareness, deep spiritual connectedness, psychic openings, boosted neurotransmitter production, and one seriously elevated (borderline trippy) experience. 

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