NATIVE Week No. 46


Been extra drawn to Desert Rose Selenite lately. Especially while I was leading you guys through the shadow work of dissolving old programming. 

Heading up to Portland today and packing my weekend goods in this guy

I'm still on a Montak Chia everything kick.

Can we talk about this golden circle soap?

Paying attention, signs, and making mistakes

Does anyone give themselves the Mayan Abdominal Massage? Investigating. My friend Lara introduced me to them. 

Also, one table spoon of this and one cup of alkalized water - blended for 30 seconds - has been the coconut mylk base to my smoothies. 

Pretty deep down the Lee Lozano rabbit hole. My friend Lauren Moore introduced me to her this week; and I'm obsessed with her social experiments such as boycotting women for 27 years, and her self-imposed dropout from the art world. 

I've been looking for a lightweight Indigo kimono robe everywhere. (Sustainable and up-cycled) Groovy. 

Crystals, a quartz bowl, and herbal tinctures.

Sinnerman has been on repeat all week. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips