NATIVE week No. 47


Scored this gem on thrift. Digging in this weekend. 

The new daily staple. I'm kind of always going for lioness hair. Aren't we all just really going for this if we're honest?

The beautiful Ally Walsh just introduced me to seed cycling

UNBLOCKING and unlocking art

Can't get enough of the Chinatown Score this week. Been listening daily. 

LIVING in this shirt. And I feel like I'm in Contempt anytime I wear it. 

FAVORITE show right now. Obsessed with the diversity, humor, and cast. 

I really just stepped up my resting game with these total gifts from The Universe: Peace Sheets & Chuck Nightshirt.

Favorite Instagram this week, and I have my eye on their bag for Europe!


Beautiful wild yarrow is in season. I picked up a bunch from Cookbook for visual and scent therapy around the house. 

We're heading to see this Tuesday night! I can almost hardly breath thinking about it. 

My treat smoothie recipe this week has been: 1 tbls coconut butter blended with one cup water. Then I add wild berries, banana, 1 tbls bee pollen, pinch of maca, almond butter, royal jelly, and a dash of probiotics. Blend.

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips