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Alexa Gray of Super Food Super Life is one of the brightest souls anyone will ever meet. And she dedicates her time to introducing vibrant healing products, practices and women on her blog. Today is no exception as she walks us through a few traditional practices shared by Kari Jansen of Poppy & Someday. Forewarning, you are about to fall in love with Kari's dreamy Laurel Canyon abode where she offers incredible Ayurvedic treatments and some of my favorite products on the planet.

A• We are coming out of the age of self-deprivation, self-abuse and dishonor to our natural world and ourselves. Women especially need to nurture and take care of themselves, but especially in the West, we focus on deprivation and overexertion. From cleanses to vigorous exercise, there is little focus on adding nourishment to our lives. In Ancient times, and still today in certain cultures, women incorporate non-negotiable rituals of self-care. In many villages in India, when a child is born, for the first 40 days, both the mother and newborn are taken care of by fellow villagers and receive massage with warm oil on a daily basis. In Korea, they are famously known for their spas, where they invigorate their bodies by intensely scrubbing their skin, submerging themselves in hot and cold water, and resting on top of warm stones. A Western woman might see this as indulgent. However, in both cases, there is an emphasis on make time to recuperate and replenish. It is only then that the women have a greater opportunity to thrive.

A woman in the West who has her rituals of self-care down is Kari Jansen, Ayurvedic practitioner and founder of the organic beauty company, Poppy & Someday. Kari has an extensive background in herbalism & Ayurveda. She creates hand made oils, salves, creams, sprays, scrubs that she incorporates in her treatments and are available for you to do at home. She believes that as woman we have been systemically depleted and need to change our ways by adopting simple self care practices. These are some of her favorite ancient tools that we can all do & simple enough to do in your own home.

Yoni Steam

The yoni steam is what it sounds like -- a beautiful herbal concoction that you sit on top of as you allow the steam to enter your lower half. It’s great for warming the body and stimulating the reproductive system. It’s also very simple and fun to do at home. You can boil a large pot of water on the stove, cut up some organic plants like rosemary, lavender & rose, and place it into the water. Then pour the mixture into your toilet and sit on top of it. Try to listen to some peaceful music and meditate as this herbal remedy alleviates any tension in your reproductive area.

Gua Sha, Self Massage & Scrubbing

Kari picked up this amazing practice when she was traveling in Asia earlier this year. This small flat tool (either made form bone, wood or stone) is small enough to fit into your purse and more powerful than it looks. You can use Gua Sha to rub warm oils into your body to help break up any stagnant energy and drain the lymphatic system. Try scrubbing yourself with the Poppy & Someday Vata Sea Salt followed by a self massage with Canyon Sun oil. You can also easily make your own scrubs, oils and salves as another way to connect you to your self care routine. One of the best books to learn how is Rosemary Gladstar’s recipes for vibrant Health.

Consume Feminine Supportive Herbs

For Kari, “herbs are the true healers and true givers. They give without wanting anything back. They just need our time and attention to tap into what they are saying. They are my teachers. By listening to them they give you insight to be more intuitive.” As women we can work with herbs like white peony, red raspberry, shatavari, and others to rebalance our systems and ignite feminine intuition. You can make simple teas from fresh herbs or work your way up to tinctures to remedy many modern ailments. For more on this check out Rosemary Gladstar’s book, Herbal Healing for Women.

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