NATIVE Week No. 44


YOU GUYS!!!! We shifted our trip from Morocco to Portugal because everyone said that we needed at least two weeks in Moroc, alone. PLEASE drop an email with your Portugal suggestions. Or tag me in Portugal Insta photos of where we have to visit! Towns, stores, markets, restaurant, and so on. We're definitely visiting here for sure.

Octavia Butler knew something about writing lists. A beautiful Instagram soul just shared this with me. 

Maharishi on eliminating stress and stabilizing unbound awareness.

Wow. This store was basically curated for me. 

Very simple, but I'm SUPER craving this salad; and I've been into all things anchovies lately. 

I'm already signed up for this workshop. See you there!

Next book on my list

I've been prepping for Europe in June and getting forever pieces that I can wear over and over so as to pack less. This shirt was first. But worn tied in the back like this. Isn't Malia such a stunner?

Preserving biodiversity.

So stoked that this little number just opened on Silver Lake Blvd. 

It's confirmed! This shampoo gives me the most lioness volume - kind of like I've been swimming in the ocean. 

Whoa, crack cocaine right there I tell you!

Hooray!! I've just announced my Paris In-Person Sessions in June. There are only 3 spots left

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips