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This is going to be one of the more personal and controversial pieces I write; however, it’s an important one for I receive this question a lot.

“In way of manifestation, why are people repressed and in poverty? Why do bad things happen to people?”

Now I can only answer this based on my practice, life, theories and philosophies. And I support and honor anyone else’s opposing beliefs.

To give my perspective on this, I have to go back to the beginning. I was born to an 18-year-old mother and 19-year-old father. By the time I was ten, I had lived in seven different apartments with my young, poor, single mother, and a trailer with my dad. If anyone knows anything about poverty, it’s incredibly democratic - meaning that the friends I played with in my apartment complexes ranged from all ethnicities and different walks of life. The other caretakers that raised me, when my mother was working, were my Irish aunt who was married to my Iranian uncle who had immigrated to the US right before the revolution for education. This means that three days a week, I was immersed in a tight and beautiful Persian (Muslim) community where I was exposed to all the cultural beauty that comes with the Middle Eastern way of life. Five of those years, my father’s brother lived with my aunt and uncle, and he was one of the first waves of homosexuals to contract AIDS in the late 80’s and early 90’s. “Don’t touch Guy’s scissors, and never touch a needle he’s used,” was just a normal warning and day of life for us kids. And lastly, my grandparents whom felt the most safe, stable, loving, and expanding for me. 

Children are incredibly resilient and don’t develop labels, segregation, or “difference” until society or caretaker’s projects it onto them. It wasn’t until the paternal side of my family were “worried” that my first boyfriend, at ten, was African American from a bad neighborhood. That was truly the first time I ever understood that society considered humans different based on color, culture, and sexuality. It hit me with as hard of an impact as saying there’s no such thing as Santa. That beautiful abstract innocence of equality that only children can truly understand started disappearing then. My best friends were poor, Caucasian, Asian, Latin, Black, Persian, and every other color under the rainbow. And because I had moved so much when I was little, with such a multi-cultured upbringing, adapting to any culture, sexuality, gender, or crowd was as normal as the sun rising.

Now it wasn’t always rainbows. My uncle didn’t ultimately die of AIDS, he died of a drug overdose. My grandmother and safest caretaker starting getting dementia when I was eight and I was completely abandoned by her deteriorating brain by ten. I went to a predominantly wealthy elementary school simply because we could fake my aunt’s address as my own, and I was one of the rare poor kids. Jr High and High School were not. Adapting and reality were real for me out the gate. To say that I grew up as a white privileged child in a bubble would be a gross misunderstanding.

I’ve traveled to second world and third world countries, and it wasn’t until I was in Colombia three years ago that I began answering the above questions for myself. I met a very spiritual woman in Colombia where I had an in-depth conversation about those questions. That day, a man had pulled up in a Ferrari where we were having tacos in a poor village. He parked in an entitled way, and had a lot of machismo that turned me off. During the conversation with this woman, I asked, “Like that!! He could feed and do so much for the people of this town rather than buying that ridiculous car. Why?” And like anyone who projects, she cleared things up for me gently, “Lacy he’s a very famous musician here in Colombia, and one of the biggest philanthropist for the poor, children and education. When you stop seeing the difference between a Ferrari and a car, you’ll have your answer.”

I simmered on it for another year, and it was just as I was becoming more active in advising people through Manifestation that it became very clear to me. A collective consciousness and limiting belief we’ve been programmed with confines us to which we materialize and manifest in our lives.

Simply put, if a child grows up in certain cultural beliefs and is programmed to believe that they are capable of only the rigidity of their current climate and situation, they will continue to manifest the exact same things. It’s cyclical. Especially if they never have any Expanders that show them that they are capable of more. And then if you throw low-self-worth programming into the mix, you have your full recipe for why a cycle continues.

Let’s just take a personal example. My mother was raised in Los Angeles in an Irish family of five girls, an alcoholic abusive father and a rigid religious mother. As the youngest, she never received any proper love or safety. Being called a whore or a cunt was “normal”. "Everyone was a drunk then". And she had a mother that had been raised in the exact same environment. Today she is 50, Caucasian, a homeowner, and makes over $80,000 a year. She only has to work two days in a row and spends her days off drinking whisky - beginning at 11a – and watching TV until she passes out at 5p. She doesn’t have any friends, because in true alcoholic form she has completely isolated herself. The two most important factors of all – when it comes to manifestation – is that she never had an Expander that showed her or told her that she could do something greater than what was programmed into her when she was little. And she’s spent her whole life spiritual bypassing, band-aiding, and quick fixing. She’s never actually healed or shifted the root of her beliefs or trauma; therefore, she continues to project and attract the exact same cycles into her life, which tend to be one shit storm after another. Let’s look at the facts on paper. She’s white, beautiful, makes good money – what society would “label” as privileged. But she’s a TERRIBLE manifestor.

I’ve been intimately exposed to most walks of life. Culturally to socio economic and one thing I can say whole-heartedly is that manifestation from the perspective of: belief based, shifting blocks, expanding the subconscious out of low self-worth, shifting limiting beliefs, and passing lessons and tests is democratic to EVERYONE! EVERYONE is capable of manifesting heart driven desires.

If I tally up the statistics in my practice, most trauma such as sexual abuse, 90% of the time, the mother also experienced sexual abuse and had unresolved healing and support around it. More than once, I’ve heard a client express that after finally getting the courage to tell her mother what happened, their mother responded with, “it’s just what happens.”

IT’S NOT just what happens. That is buying into a false collective consciousness to cope with a very painful, unwarranted, and violating experience!!! This is why it couldn’t be more important to heal. Programming can go deep. Generations. And if one is raised in a collective consciousness of poverty, inferiority, or abuse beliefs while never seeing an expansion out of it, cycles can continue to manifest over and over in one way or another. 

This is equally why I have no place for limiting labels in my life. Feminist, poverty, privileged, normal, wealthy, victim, leader, liberal, conservative, sexuality... All of it still suggests societal programmed boxes, personas, inferiority - and even worse, segregation. The last time I checked, the world doesn't need any more division. When we stop seeing the difference in the Ferraris (labels) and cars (humans), we’ll have our fullest Manifesting potential. You don’t have to be the box you grew up in. You don’t have to be the box society puts you in.

I certainly am not. If I had stayed, I’d most like be “white-trash”, “poor”, and potentially a “victim”. However, am I what society now deems “privileged”? I guess so. Though, with all odds against me aside from “beauty” and “charisma”, I’ve done A LOT of work to get here, and I’m one hell of a manifestor because of it. And I certainly don't put myself in that labeled, limiting box. I see where I am today as a state of being. Peace, abundance, and my heart's desires. 

Labels are just another way to repress. They are just aspects in the shadow. I have no interest in their limits. And they certainly undermine the hard efforts humans from all walks of life have overcome to achieve their wildest dreams. Great manifestors elevate and anyone is capable. Things that will always continue to interest me are gender neutral, race neutral, sexuality neutral, class neutral points of perspective and conversation. I’ve met families in “poverty” that are far more “privileged” than those I know in “wealth”. That abstract, innocent, in-between energy is Manifestation energy in motion. It’s unbound and limitless. I don’t have a utopia-naive heart, I have a democratic heart. I have "wealthy" clients that can't get out of their own way to manifest making money because of the box they've been guilted into. I have "feminist" clients that can't manifest a partner because they have unresolved issues with their repressing father, and I have "poor" clients that can't seem to materialize more because they buy into what society has painted (labeled) what their limited box should look like. Identifying with labels, in my opinion, is a manifestation block within itself. 

So how does one tap into that energy? You question ego personas, you question your limiting beliefs, you question your upbringing and the programming you received both at home and in society, you unblock the judgments of self and others that are limiting you, and you expand into your heart’s desires.

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